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Why do charts not update while display inactive

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    Why do charts not update while display inactive

    When my computer is inactive at night, the displays will go into the display saver (on but blank display). When I wake them, all of my Ninja charts refresh with the old state, and after a delay of 5-10 sec will show the current state.

    I had thought it was the result of IsSuspendedWhileInactive in indicators, but I have gone to great lengths to be sure that is always set to false, and use no stock Ninja studies to be sure of that. It seems to be all charts, even those with no studies.

    It is hard to tell if this is a render only issue or if the calcs have also been suspended. In either case, it is really unacceptable behavior. No trading application would do this.

    I have a fairly large workspace with a lot of charts, but am still able to run with a very low CPU/GPU utilization. I do not need any throttling by Ninja.

    Is this expected behavior?

    Is there a way to globally turn off this throttling?

    Is this related to the refresh time of charts which is know open issue?

    What is Ninja using to detect inactivity?

    Hello aslane,

    Thank you for your post.

    Glad to assist. This is expected behavior, when hibernation or screen savers are initiated, a number Windows functions become inactive, which results in interruption NinjaTrader's connection are must be re-established. Data may also need to be re-loaded via right click > Reload All Historical Data.

    Because of this we suggest disabling these options to ensure the connection is maintained without issue.

    Let us know if we may assist in the future.
    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Ok, I believe you, but it makes no sense. No windows applications pause like this, just Ninja. Hibernation is different and can be left out of discussion.

      Also, the data connection does not go down and reconnect. It is just internally in Ninja where the pause is. So it would seem Ninja is detecting this, and internally pausing, which is bad behavior.


        Intel/Nvidia Optimus? Laptop?

        Display driver goes inactive.

        I've also see this slightly in nt7.
        Nt8 is more pronounced.

        But from what I can tell, it's only the display that's not keeping up so to speak. Everything else is still functioning.

        One other thing to look for is in the log and trace files-is the display adapter crashing and recovering?


          Yes, using Intel graphics / desktop (horsepower is not an issue). Nothing in logs.

          That is what I am looking for. If it is only the display driver not running, that is fine as long as all calcs are running with no delay (including order processing). If it is just Ninja waking up with display driver and doing first refresh, that's fine.

          As an aside, this would mean that any calculation in OnRender would be an issue. I know this is odd, but just pointing it out.

          I would just turn the displays off, but then you run into the lovely Windows issue of re-locating all of the windows to a single display. I suppose turning off displays would have the same issue as screen saver though.


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