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NT8 time not sync to system clock

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  • NinjaTrader_Kate
    Hello junposlee,

    bltdavid is accurate here in that we would expect that Tradingview and NinjaTrader would display differently - it appears that Tradingview stamps the bars with the opening time while NinjaTrader stamps the bars as the closing time. We would also expect that the data provided by Tradingview may be slightly different from that provided by the data provider you're using with NinjaTrader.

    Who is the data provider you are using with NinjaTrader? What version of NinjaTrader are you using? You can find this under Help > About - the current version of NinjaTrader is

    Thanks in advance; I look forward to assisting you further.

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  • bltdavid
    Does right clicking in one of the charts and selecting "Reload All Historical Data" from the context menu fix both charts?

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  • bltdavid
    Yep, they're different.

    The chart on the right looks like a continuous contract, I'm pretty
    sure you can not execute trades on a continuous contract chart.

    What is the full instrument name in the chart on the left?
    (The attached screenshot is clipped and we can't see it.)

    Just to be sure, doesn't the "##-##" in "BTCUSDT ##-##" mean
    continuous contract?

    Sorry, I don't know much about Bitcoin ... still learning.
    Is "BTCUSDT ##-##" a futures contract or a currency pair?

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  • junposlee
    yes they are both from NT8 and it just a few days ago.
    Just look at the HLC values that I highlighted.

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  • bltdavid
    It's a bit difficult to tell ...
    Are you saying the left and right chart in that screenshot are both NT8 charts?

    What specifically are referring to when you say "they are different"?
    Different how?

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  • junposlee
    NT8 used to show me the exact same picture as TV. But not now.
    Left picture: screenshot when I was trading using NT8
    Right picture: Now I go back to the time when screenshot was taken
    They are different right?

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  • bltdavid
    Are you saying these products don't operate the same?
    This should not be a surprise.

    The crosshair on the NT8 chart is on the current bar which, I assume,
    is still being built, so NT8 shows the projected timestamp of when this
    current bar will close -- which is at 13:40 -- 3 minutes into the future.

    The TradingView crosshair is also on the rightmost current bar,
    but its timestamp is different.

    Why are these timestamps different?
    No clue, I'm not familiar with TradingView.

    You'll have to reconcile your expert knowledge of these products
    and find the juxtaposition of how their charts operate differently.
    Perhaps that will explain the difference in the timestamps.

    I'm thinking both products are operating correctly and you'll just
    have to understand where and how they're operating differently.

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  • bltdavid
    Originally posted by junposlee View Post
    But the problem is NT8 has different bar stamps, showing me different OHLC values.
    I can't trade with this problem.
    I would submit to you that the bar timestamps are the same -- it is the OHLC of the bars which
    appear to vary somewhat.

    But the problem you have is fundamentally different that what you think.

    NinjaTrader gets its data from its data feed, and TradingView gets its data from its data feed, and is this
    data exactly the same? It looks like from the charts that the data is not the same.

    Ok, so now your problem has nothing to do with "NT8 time is not sync'ed to system clock" but is really
    understanding why some candlesticks on two 5-minute charts from two different products are different.

    Short answer: the data is different.
    Long answer: could be many reasons, the programmers are different, so the code is different, these guys
    are competitors after all -- perhaps some tick filtering is happening, perhaps the tick data is transmitted
    through different routes, in different formats, and is timestamped by the server differently -- perhaps
    the data is coming from two different data feed services (did both feeds get their data from the same
    exchange?) but they each process they data a little bit differently, and then one feed gets fed to NT8,
    and the other feed goes to TradingView -- and these slight differences accumulate. The comparison
    can be difficult -- it's apples and oranges -- these are two different products. Another possible reason:
    maybe Bitcoin is too new, meaning stocks may not have this problem maybe because NYSE/NASDAQ
    software is more mature, such that bugs and kinks have been worked out, so that stock quotes from
    Schwab/ScottTrade/TDAmeriTrade/Kinetick/etc all report the same stock prices perfectly in sync --
    meannig the data is the same for everybody, which puts me back to my initial short answer: the data
    received by NT8 is different from the data received by TradingView.
    Last edited by bltdavid; 03-30-2020, 12:25 AM.

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  • junposlee
    Yea I understand what you are saying, but did you look at the photo I attached? Do the candles and OHLC values look the same to you?

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  • bltdavid
    One more thing.

    So, what if one morning you open you 5-min chart at 9:06am (assuming USA Eastern time), but another
    morning you open this chart at 9:12am, and open additional 5-min charts some odd number of minutes

    The timestamps on all of your 5-min charts are reflective of the same starting time and are the same
    for everybody who is looking at the same instrument.

    Think about this:
    If you open a 5-min chart at 10:17am the next bar closes at 10:20am, right? It does not close 5 minutes
    later at 10:22am, nope, it closes at 10:20am. Why is that?

    Because the chart is counting time from the start of the session X number of days ago -- and that start
    time is the same for everybody, regardless of their own local time or their local time zone -- so when you
    start your 5-min chart at 10:17am, the first 2 minutes of that chart comes from historical data, after which
    the internal state transition to real time data occurs, so the remaining 3 minutes of that bar are built from
    real-time data, and the bar closes 3 minutes later at 10:20am, just as you would expect.

    My point is, on a 5-min chart, bars are closing at the predictable rate of every 5 minutes. The timestamp
    of each bar is predictable because they're measured from the start of the trading session -- the first
    candlestick closes 5 minutes after the open, the 2nd candlestick closes 10 mins after the open, and
    the 3rd candlestick closes another 5 mins after that, etc. If the exchange opens at 9am, then the
    21st bar after the open on a 5 minute chart will start showing at 10:40am (technically, it will start at
    the first tick after 10:40am) and will close at 10:45am. These bar close times are not affected by
    when you happen to open your own 5-min chart -- they're already known in advance.

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  • junposlee
    But the problem is NT8 has different bar stamps, showing me different OHLC values.
    I can't trade with this problem.

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  • bltdavid
    You're probably looking at the x-axis of the current bar as it is being built, right?

    For time based charts, such as 1-min or 5-min charts, every charting software package
    in the world knows exactly when the next bar closes -- bars are closing every minute, or
    every 5 minutes, etc, depending upon the chart settings.

    You're looking at the projected time of when that current bar that is being built on
    your chart will close -- well, just relax, there is no problem, everything is fine.

    So, what is NinjaTrader doing?

    Remember, regardless of bar type, the timestamp of each bar on the x-axis is the
    timestamp of when that bar closed.

    What about the current bar?
    You've noticed it has a future timestamp but it hasn't closed yet.

    That's because the current bar is a special case.
    How so?

    Well, time-based charts have a special property: Even though the current bar hasn't closed,
    NinjaTrader can easily predict the future 'bar-closed' timestamp of the current bar, because,
    it's just simple math, bars are closing on a predictable time-based schedule on time-based
    charts -- but this simple math only works for time-based charts.

    The x-axis on time-based charts is, by definition, a regular and uniform thing -- the software
    already knows when the current bar will close, and it knows the close of the next bar, and
    the next bar after that, and so on. By definition, time-based charts are predictive in this way.

    Volume charts and Tick-based charts (also, Range, Renko, etc) do not have this predictive
    quality. That is, these charts don't have a uniform x-axis, meaning the timestamps can vary
    greatly because each closed bar encompasses and defines the relative speed (or volatility)
    associated with price (or volume) movements on that chart. These charts can dramatically
    reduce the influence of time, allowing the chartist (and the indicators on that chart) to focus
    more on the movement of price or volume alone, rather than movements of price over
    uniform time periods
    Last edited by bltdavid; 03-29-2020, 11:23 PM.

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  • junposlee
    started a topic NT8 time not sync to system clock

    NT8 time not sync to system clock

    I searched this topic tried many different time servers. and tried already with dimension 4
    Also, I set my trading hours to cryptocurrency since I'm trading BTCUSDT
    However, 1m chart current bar is running 5:45 and my system clock is 5:44
    5m chart current bar is running at 06:00 and my system clock is 5:57 so on and on
    they are 1 candle faster than it should be.
    what can I do to fix this problem?

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