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    ATM triggered order


    I am new to Ninjatrader, and I haven't had enough time to investigate it. So to keep some time of research, I ask it what I want is possible with ATM.

    Everyone knows what a stop limit is: if price is going down, and I have an stop limit order below the current price, if the stop price is touched, a sell limit order is sent at this price. But what I need is an order such as, if market is going down and a price is touched, it sends a sell limit order 1 tick ABOVE the stop price. Same way, if market is going up and touches a given price, a buy limit order one tick BELOW that price is placed.

    Is this possible with ATM or requires programed custom strategy with Ninjascripting?


    Thanks for your post.

    This would be possible with ATM Strategies, yes.

    You;ll want to set the ATM Strategy to use a stop limit orderin the Advances options section of the ATM Strategy window. To access the Advanced options, click on the More text which will expand these additional ATM Strategy features.

    When submitting a stop limit order, a numeric field (image lower right) will appear that represents the number of ticks away you wish the limit price of the stop-limit order to be placed at. Either by using your mouse scroll wheel or clicking on the up/down arrows in the numeric field, set the number of ticks and press the "check mark" button to complete the order submission. Pressing the "x" button will cancel the order submission operation.

    For example, if you intend to have an order with a stop price of 1967.50 and a limit price of 1968.50 (4 ticks spread for the SP Emini contract) you would set the numeric field value to 4. Following the same example submitting a sell stop-limit, setting the numeric field value to 1 would result in a stop price of 1967.50 and a limit price of 1968.50.

    Negative Stop-Limit Offset

    You will notice that there are also negative values. By selecting a negative value, you automatically submit a Simulated Stop order, which is indicated by a yellow order flag. This allows you to place orders that trigger at a break out price but try to fill you at a better price.

    Single Click Stop-Limit Orders

    If you generally place stop-limit orders using the same offset between limit and stop price, you can enable single click submission of stop-limit orders by setting the "Stop-limit offset" property to an integer value via the SuperDOM properties. By default, this setting is set to "Off" which forces the numeric field (image above right) to display. Setting this property to a value of 1 would instantly place a stop-limit order with a stop price of X and a limit price of X + 1 for buy orders or X - 1 for sell orders.

    Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.
    Marco G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.

      So, if I have understood well, if the market is at 1960 and want to put a buy limit order at 1967.00 that triggers if price touches 1967.25, all I have to do is put a stop limit order with price activation of 1967.25 and offset -1. I will try this afternoon.



        Thanks for your reply.

        Sounds like you've got it. Especially when submitting ATM orders, it's much more time-effective to preset this by right-clicking> Properties and setting a preset offset value.

        Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.
        Marco G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Hello again,

          I have tried and I haven't got it. Probably because I don't know well the mechanism.

          I have created this ATM: (I don't know if is clear, I don't know how to put image larger with good sight, I hope the attachement looks well, if not, I can explain. Basically, I have set up an ATM wit 4 tic stop, and marked the stop limit checkbox. The chase limit number cannot be less than 0.

          Well, I have the strategy. But now, how do I send the order to the market? I am afraid this is an ATM strategy that activates when I execute an order, i.e, I send an order to the market, it is executed and the ATM strategy puts configured orders to protect the position.

          Additionally, to enter the market, I have just found this kind of orders:

          From chart:

          If right click above current price: Sell limit, Sell MIT, Buy Stop Market and Buy Stop limit.

          From trade window I also have Buy ASK, BUY BID, SELL ASK and SELL BID.

          What I need to do is not this. None of those orders to enter the market are what I need. What I need is, for example, following situation:

          I am out of the market. ES is at 2860. I want to put a Buy limit order at 2865 if ES touches 2865.25. Something close to Market if touched, but Limit if touched. And the limit price, a tick lower than the trigger price. For selling, the same but limit price one tick above trigger price.

          Is it possible?



            Thank you for the note.

            What you are describing with 'Something close to Market if touched, but Limit if touched.' would be a Stop Limit order.

            There is a stop price that triggers it, at which point it converts to a limit order.

            Please let us know if you have any further questions.
            Melissa J.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Yes, is something like stop limit order, but not an stop limit order.

              A stop limit order, once the price is triggered, puts a limit order at THAT price. What I need is put the limit order a tick below (for entering long), or above (for entering short).


                I have found how to do it. By enabling simulated stop, I can give negative numbers to offset with center mouse wheel or writing it. Thanks for the help.


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