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Pressing Alt+F4

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    Pressing Alt+F4

    When inadvertently pressing Alt+F4, the engaged chart disappears. Is there a means to retrieve it?

    Hello Steveg,

    Thank you for your post

    Alt+F4 is a windows shortcut to close the currently active window.

    If you've already saved your workspace with the window open as part of the workspace, then you can restore this by closing the workspace without saving it. Then reopening the saved workspace which will restore to it's last saved state.

    Please feel free to write in if you need additional assistance.
    Heath R.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks Heath for your reply.
      I failed to be specific with my inquiry. I make a lot of notations on my charts using drawing objects such as arrows, lines and messages to myself.
      So when I hit Alt+4 it is because I missed Alt+3. I hope you can tell me how to retrieve my chart with all of my drawing objects and notations on it.


        Hello Steveg,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Please note that if you have not saved the workspace while that chart is open it may not be possible to recover and will need to be rebuilt.

        First, ensure the workspace you have open is the one that has your items saved and that they are not minimized. Hover over the NinjaTrader 8 icon on the Windows Taskbar to see if your charts are there. You can open other workspaces by going to the Control Center -> Workspaces -> Click on the workspace you want to open. If you're not sure what this list means and how to tell if a workspace is open, in view, or closed, please visit the following help guide link:


        If this does not resolve the symptom, try restoring your workspace from an older save using the 'Restore workspace' feature:

        Complete the following steps to use the "Restore workspace" feature:
        1. Navigate to Tools -> Database Management
        2. Select "Restore workspace"
        3. Select Restore to be directed to the location of the recovery workspaces
        4. Workspaces will be organized in folders with the same name as the workspace
        5. Double click the folder of the workspace you want to recover and then select the recovery file with the date/time that you want to recover

        Below I have provided a link to the Restore Workspaces section of our help guide:


        Alternately, you can restore your workspaces from a backup if you completed one recently. Complete the following steps to restore a Backup Archive:
        1. From within the Control Center window select the Tools menu. Then select the menu Import and the Backup File... menu item
        2. Select the backup archive to restore from the "Restore" file dialog window
        3. Press the "Restore" button
        4. Select the items you wish to restore

        Below I have provided a link to the Backup and Restore section of our help guide:


        To help prevent loss, ensure to do backup regularly.

        If you have no backup you may be able to restore your workspaces to an earlier version in Windows:
        1. To do this within Windows open Documents> NinjaTrader 8
        2. Right click on the Workspaces folder and select Properties
        3. See if you have the ability to restore to an earlier version
        4. If not, you will need to recreate your workspace

        Ensure to always exit NinjaTrader by selecting the X at the top right of the Control Center. DO NOT right click on the NinjaTrader icon in the Windows Taskbar and select Close as Windows could close the charts/etc before asking to save your workspace, resulting in a blank workspace.

        If you have an anti virus/firewall program installed you will want to add NinjaTrader to its exception list. You will need to exclude the following directories:
        • C:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 8 or C:\Program Files\NinjaTrader 8
        • (My) Documents\NinjaTrader 8

        Additionally, if you have a backup or auto backup program you will want to pause it while using NinjaTrader so it does not conflict with saving your NinjaTrader files.

        Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.
        Heath R.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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