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Loss of workspace layouts

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    Loss of workspace layouts


    For, well, always, I've experienced workspace layout issues with NT8 builds. All of them over the years. Last few days has been no exception. For instance, today, 3 tries to get my workspace to load (my probably as defined by NT, 'complex' workspace). Issue for example over the last couple days. Entire workspace loads, but 1 chart fails to load _any_ indicators. When you look in the indicator list, there are none. Fortunately, as this happens so frequently, I have templates for most of my charts and I try and keep them up to date. Load the template, chart restored. The odd issue is though, that this is entirely intermittent (and I think load-based). For example, that chart that failed to load, shut down NT and restart it a couple times, and it loads. Other issues last few days, occasionally the indicator pane sizes get larger, by themselves, so I am left fiddling to resize them again. The other day, half my charts started with a white background instead of the default I have had all this year! No idea what happened there...

    Anyway, and rather than pointing the blame at NT, I would like to request information on how I can debug this issue. It is NOT feasible for me to do the 'remove all indicators, add back one at a time, etc.' Simply not feasible. It would take me a more than a week (no exaggeration as the issue is intermittent and I have a 'complex' workspace), and I suspect I would still have the same issue at the end, anyway. What would be excellent is, if when NT were experiencing these issues (as must be possible to detect internally, some sort of error would be logged indicating where the issue is).

    I mention that the issue seems to be load dependant. This is because, the issue will be significantly worse if you restart the platform during a live session, especially if there is volatility. Please note that the issue is NOT reproducible on demand, as often, if you shut down NT and start it up again, it often loads fine that time. Some of these issues are related most certainly to NT NOT staving the workspace correctly on exit. Why it does not, I do not know. I will often replace the last saved workspace with the last one from the 'recovery' folder, and that gets me going again. but, again, as the issue is entirely intermittent, it's hard to track down. I note that everything including drawing objects etc are stored in the workspace. I am guessing NT falls over trying to store something at some point, and just silently carries on regardless. Having some way to track this down would be helpful.

    Any known causes of this? Bad code that might cause it (though I still think NT should be more tolerant of this!)?

    If NT could do some work in this area, it would remove a huge amount of frustration with the platform.

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    Hello pjsmith,

    Thank you for your note.

    I have submitted your suggestion to our development team as a feature request for a resource to provide users with more information on workspace load failures.

    One item that may be of assistance to you is the NinjaScript Utilization Monitor (New > NinjaScript Output > right click in window > NinjaScript Utilization Monitor) This window would provide you with more information on the resource time for NS items. It should be thought of a gauge to see where likely performance / code optimization time is likely most wisely spent if the overall performance footprint is to be reduced.

    Please also see our Help Guide section on Performance Tips for general overview on how to improve your performance in your workspaces:

    Let us know if we may assist further.
    Chris Sch.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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