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Extended Naked POC line stops without being touched

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    Extended Naked POC line stops without being touched


    I'm using OF+ VP to plot RTH naked extended POC on an ETH tick chart and am noticing that sometimes the POC line will stop at 9:30am even without being touched.

    Please see below screenshots. This 1st screenshot shows that it stops at 930am ET without being touched:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	c1.PNG
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    This 2nd screenshots hows the same chart however 4 naked POC's have no problem extending into RTH where they are eventually hit by price action:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	c2.PNG
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ID:	1117970

    How do I fix this?

    I'm using Continuum data feed with CME Index Futures RTH for the profile and CME Index Futures ETH for the entire session.

    Hello jmezz,

    The POC would always restart at 9:30 AM as this is listed as the session start for the RTH trading hours.

    One suggestion to modify this would be to adjust the trading hour template it uses, should this be possible with your setup.

    While the POC would still restart at the session start, this would allow you to move it to either a time during which the instrument doesn't trade (e.g. by setting it to ETH) or at midnight (if "Default 24x5" or "Default 24x7" is used).

    Please let me know should you have any further questions in this regard!
    Manfred F.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      jumping in on this thread....

      Naked POC errors....

      the naked POC from an RTH session chart should never be interrupted or stopped by an overnight session - unless specifically set...

      - Floor hours volume profile traders typically don't give a crap about overnight inventory (.)

      on the ES 30min RTH chart there are three recent naked POCs that are stopped before they touch another RTH profile
      February 26, February 1 and January 29 have naked POCs, also called VPOCs by the pros, that should extend all the way to recent trade or continue on...

      The February 26 VPOC should extend to March 3rd RTH trade
      The February 1 VPOC should extend to March 4th RTH trade
      The January 29 VPOC should still be on the chart as it hasn't been touched by RTH trade...

      This one needs to be fixed as it goes against modern market profile theory....

      chart settings: ES 03-21 CME RTH session
      indicator settings: CME RTH session
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        Hello stafe,

        First, it is important to understand that the POC within a Volume Profile is not identical to a VPOC. As such, the POC indicator of the Volume Profile would not behave identically.

        The POC is based on time and shows the price where trading spent the most time, while the VPOC is based on volume and will mark where the most volume occurred for the session.

        Normally, these are close, but they can be significantly different based on the underlying data.

        Could you attach a screenshot of what the Volume Profile looks like? This would allow us to track down if the POC is calculated incorrectly.

        If possible, please also attach a screenshot of your indicator settings, as this will help us recreate the same setup on our side.

        Thank you in advance!
        Manfred F.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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