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instead in data box display OHLC in upper left chart info or status line

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    instead in data box display OHLC in upper left chart info or status line

    Hi all,

    in othe trading platforms I was used to see the most important data like Open, High, Low, Close and even the values of the attached indicators in the chart information line (usually displayed at the top left chart window) or below the chart in the bottom left status line. I hove with mouse pointer to any desired point and it shows me the actual setting for that particular time. When I move my mouse pointer to the bottom into the indicator windows, I got the values for that indicator. Let it be the ATR value, or the Volume.

    I cannot find this option in Ninjatrader, how can this be accomplished? I don't want to have the data box open as it consumes display area and gets annoying when moving windows.

    any help appreciated.

    Hello patricia70,

    Unfortunately there is no option to have this information displayed within the chart. You could use the mini data box. If you click and hold your scroll wheel in the chart, it will show a mini data box with such information.

    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Jason. Thanks for that nice hint! this also kinda helpful. It works also when hovering into my indicator window. Is there any additional option to have this ALWAYS showed within the indicator windows when using the crosshair ? So you just need to hover your mouse pointer to the time line you wish and you get the particular value for that indicator displayed (eg. ATR, VOL, ...)


        Unfortunately there is no option for the mini data box to have it always shown. You will need to click and hold your scroll wheel (middle mouse button) for the mini data box to display.

        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          How can I add the size "range" into that mini data box which is showing the delta of high/low of the particular candlestick ? missing that basic feauture, too.


            Hello patricia70,

            Thank you for the note.

            Unfortunately, there is currently no way to modify the information shown within the Mini Databox.

            You could try removing any extra information from the Data Box you do not need and change the font to the smallest size to make the Data Box as small as possible.

            This indicator is publicly available on our NinjaTrader Ecosystem website and may include some of the features you are looking for:Here is a basic guideline of how to import NinjaScript add-ons in NinjaTrader 8:

            Note — To import NinjaScripts you will need the original .zip file.

            To Import:
            1. Download the NinjaScripts to your desktop, keep them in the compressed .zip file.
            2. From the Control Center window select the menu Tools > Import > NinjaScript Add-on...
            3. Select the downloaded .zip file
            4. NinjaTrader will then confirm if the import has been successful.

            Critical - Specifically for some NinjaScripts, it will prompt that you are running newer versions of @SMA, @EMA, etc. and ask if you want to replace, press 'No'

            Once installed, you may add the indicator to a chart by:
            • Right click your chart > Indicators... > Select the Indicator from the 'Available' list on the left > Add > OK
            The NinjaTrader Ecosystem website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell a futures contract or make any other type of investment decision. The add-ons listed on this website are not to be considered a recommendation and it is the reader's responsibility to evaluate any product, service, or company. NinjaTrader Ecosystem LLC is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any product, service or company linked to on this website.

            Click image for larger version

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            Clayton G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              thanks for your assistance Clayton, much appreciate your help.


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