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NSE Options Configuration in Ninja Trader 8

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    NSE Options Configuration in Ninja Trader 8

    Does Ninja Trader support Options Trading? If yes, can you let me know how I can configure Options Chain for Bank Nifty (NSE India) in Ninja Trader 8? I'm using Interactive Brokers.


    Thanks for your post.

    Yes, NinjaTrader supports trading options with Interactive Brokers.

    Follow the quick steps below to open an Option Chain window and view the available options.
    1. From the NinjaTrader Control Center click New > Option Chain.
    2. Select an underlying contract. Once a contract is selected, fields in the quote display will populate. Additionally, the available options for the selected instrument will be listed below.
    3. Use the arrows to the left to expand an option’s call quotes on the left, put quotes on the right, and strike prices in the middle of the Option Chain. Clicking on the Strike heading will change the price order from descending to ascending.
    4. Use the filter button at the top of the Option Chain window to reduce or expand visibility of the options available.
    5. Customize the Option Chain by right clicking to initiate the Properties menu where you can edit a number of settings including the number of strike prices shown, colors and more.
    Options Order Entry

    Once the Option Chain is configured to your preferences, use the instructions below to place options orders.
    1. Link the Option Chain to an Order Entry Window
      • Use the instrument link in the top right-hand corner of the window to set a link color.
      • Next, open a Basic Entry window by clicking New > Basic Entry from the Control Center.

        Please note the Basic Entry or Order Ticket window are recommended for order entry when trading options.
      • Use the instrument link in the Basic Entry window to select the same link color. Your Option Chain window is linked to your Basic Entry window.
    2. In the Option Chain window, click the desired strike price in the Ask or Bid column on either the Calls or Puts side to load the appropriate option contract into your Basic Entry window.
      • Data for the selected options instrument will populate in the entry window and the selected option will be outlined in orange.
    3. Use the Basic Entry order interface to place options orders.

    Pictured above is an Option Chain window linked to a Basic Entry window. The two windows must be linked in order to trade options.
    Marco G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      But, In the instruments list I do not see 'Options' - I can only see 'Index', 'Futures', and 'Stock'
      Please refer to the attached picture.

      I'm interested in Index Options - Nifty Options, and BankNifty options.
      My Broker is Interactive Broker


        Hello Lakiyaa,

        Thank you for your post.

        The Options are based on the original instrument; for example, the ES 12-20 is a futures contract to trade the options of that future. Please enter the ES 12-20 in the options chain, and it will route accordingly to an options instrument. The instrument should be the same instrument as a chart; however, in the options chain, it is the options of that instrument. if you already receive data for that exchange/instrument and are enabled for options. Please enter the same instrument name into the options chain and do not add a second instrument of the same name. Just use your current instrument in the options chain.

        If you need more support, please let us know.
        Paul G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Good, this is taking me in the right direction. But, I still haven't found success.

          If you refer to my attached pictures - I have an Futures Instrument configured, and I'm also able to see the same in the chart. But, when I try to open Options for the same it just says "Loading" and doesn't show the options data.

          Note: During live market I do see values populated for "Bid", "Ask" etc. (the first row), but I never see the options related data.

          I have configured my connection with "Interactive Brokers"
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            Hello Lakiyaa,

            Thank you for your post.

            Please write into platform support at [email protected], and we will assist further.

            Please reference the following ticket number in the body of the email: 2791418 ATTN Paul.

            I look forward to your email.
            Paul G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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