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How to add Daily profiles on intraday charts

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    How to add Daily profiles on intraday charts

    I cannot figure out how to add: 1) the current Day's volume profile (i.e. it will evolve throughout the day) and 2) the prior day's Daily volume profile. Any help?

    Hello 12VMan,

    Thank you for your post.

    So I may accurately assist you, please answer all of the following questions:
    • What version of NinjaTrader are you using? Please provide the entire version number. This can be found under Help -> About (Example: 8.0.?.?)
    • What is your NinjaTrader license Key? You will find this under Help -> License Key
    • What instrument symbol (and expiry if applicable) have you selected? For example, ES 12-20, AAPL, EURUSD, etc.
    • (For a chart) what interval is selected? For example, 5 minute, 1 day, 2000 volume, 4 Renko, etc.

    Also, please describe more in-depth how you are wanting the volume profiles to appear on your chart. Are you expecting to have both the current day and the prior day volume profile within the same chart panel or do you want them in separate panels? Are you trying to mimic a chart that you have seen elsewhere? If so, please provide a screenshot if possible.

    I look forward to your reply.
    Emily C.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Can I send the license key to you via email? Not really sure what relevance that has. I do not want to post my license key for obvious reasons

      As for your other questions: 64-bit

      It could be any futures instrument. You can use ES 12-20 if you need an example.

      It could be any intraday timeframe, 5 Minute, 10 Minute, 30 Minute, etc. Doesn't matter.

      I am not sure how I would want it to display. Possibly the prior Day's profile on the left hand side of the chart and the current day's profile on the right hand side?
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        Hello 12VMan,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I apologize; you are correct about the license key. I forgot to omit that question since this is a forum post. I asked it because I was trying to better understand which volume profile indicator you are using. If you have a lifetime license and are using the Order Flow Volume Profile, then you should be able to click and drag on the time at the bottom of your chart to zoom out and include the prior day's profile on the left and have the current day's profile on the right.

        If you are not using the Order Flow + indicator, then please provide a screenshot of your current indicator settings for the Volume Profile.

        To send a screenshot with Windows 7 or newer I would recommend using the Windows Snipping Tool.

        Click here for instructions

        Alternatively to send a screenshot press Alt + PRINT SCREEN to take a screenshot of the selected window. Then go to Start--> Accessories--> Paint, and press CTRL + V to paste the image. Lastly, save as a jpeg file and send the file as an attachment.

        Click here for detailed instruction

        If you feel more comfortable communicating via email, then please write in to platformsupport[at]ninjatrader[dot]com and include the following information in the subject line: ATTN: Emily C 2800799

        I appreciate your patience and I look forward to your response.
        Emily C.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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