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TD Ameritrade and NinjaTrader 8 Issue

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    TD Ameritrade and NinjaTrader 8 Issue

    I am trading a TD Ameritrade account with Ninjatrader 8. When I close a trade, it shows as closed on my TD Positions Page, but the bar showing purchase price and unrealized P/L does not go away on my Ninjatrader 8 Chart. If I make no more trades on that stock the purchase price line and unrealized P/L stays and keeps calculating. If i make another long trade, the purchase price bar moves and a new unrealized P/L starts calculating so workable, but if I try and short the stock, I get an error saying "this trade might cause and oversold/bought conditions......" and I can't make the trade.

    I have worked with NinjaTrader support, sent log and trace files, and followed their suggestions. Unfortunately no change. They have determined that while TD is closing the position in my account, it is not sending a final confirmation back to Ninja that would close it on my chart and since it is a TD problem I need to wait for an updated API that solves the problem.

    The only solution is to disconnect and reconnect to TD Ameritrade. This makes the initial trade price level bar and ever-calculating "unrealized" P&L go away, but obviously this is not a viable solution during fast trading situations. And for what its worth, I can not "Remove" my TD connection and re-establish it, or at least I can't figure out how. "Remove" does not present as an option when I click on the account in connections.

    Love Ninjatrader 8 and TD no commisions and want to find a solution. Surely I can't be the only one experiencing this. Any ideas out there? Thx!

    ps I did figure out how to remove and reestablish the connection. Had to disconnect to remove connection. Will update if that changes anything Monday am.
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    Hello steveyinyang,

    Unfortunately I don't have any other ideas.

    Please note that you don't have to remove a connection if you want to disconnect/re-connect a connection. You can disconnect/re-connect the TD Ameritrade connection at Control Center-->Connections. Clicking disconnect on the right from the connection name will disconnect the connection. Clicking the connection name will connect that connection.

    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service



      Are other people experiencing this problem?


        I don't know. I myself have not come across any clients that reported this issue.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Yes I’m also having a problem with NT8 and trading with TDA... actually I didn’t know it was a problem until I finally went to trade a position... the accounts pull in ok with balances and positions, but when I go to close or sell a position it will show as pending but then never actually close or fire. Always shows as order submitted but doesn’t process.


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            I suspect these issues may be related to an ongoing issue TDA is having with order reporting through their API, especially around the stock market open. More information can be found in this ongoing thread:


            If you experience this issue, please go to Help>Email Support and check the box for log/trace and database files (expand 'Other Files) and please reference QA-5403 ATTN Patrick G so we may track/investigate.
            Ryan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Hi. Any luck resolving this issue folks? I’m also having a problem with NT8 closing trades with TDA properly. Thanks.


                Hello singjay,

                CRITICAL — If your inquiry involves live orders, please always reach out to your broker's Orders Desk immediately to confirm and manage your live orders and positions.

                Please answer all of the following questions in your email:
                • What version of NinjaTrader are you using? Please provide the entire version number. This can be found under Help -> About (Example: 7.0.1000.? or 8.0.?.?)
                • What instrument were you trading?
                • At what date and time did this most recently occur?
                • What Order ID was assigned to this order? You can check in the Executions or Orders tab of the Control Center.
                • Do you receive an error on screen? Are there errors on the Log tab of the Control Center? If so, what do these errors report?

                In addition, please follow the steps below to manually attach your log and trace files in an email so I may investigate this matter further. You can send the email to "platformsupport[at]ninjatrader[dot]com". Put 'Att Jason, 2895227' in the subject field of the email.
                • Open your NinjaTrader folder under My Documents.
                • Right-click on the 'log' and 'trace' folders and select Send To> Compressed (zipped) Folder.
                • Send the 2 compressed folders as attachments to this email.
                • Once complete, you can delete these compressed folders.
                JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


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