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Growing grumpy and old waiting for IB Charts to load into NT8

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    Growing grumpy and old waiting for IB Charts to load into NT8

    Is it just me or have others also noticed that loading a chart into NT8 while using IB as a single data provider is a non-starter? Charts that load in 2 - 3 minutes being kinda "normal"?

    Some charts load in < 1 minute but it's rare. IPO companies I suspect. But seriously. E-Signal works fine, Kinetick seems to run the best in my tests. IB has some written legal mumbo-jumbo about not really being a data provider but a full service brokerage. Fair enough, until you read the fine print of the data contracts which clearly state they are a premier provider of bits-n-bytes -- they claim. Of course it all seems to work well enough on TWS if you're a "mutual fund" advisor.

    But then like all service providers, the issue has clearly to do with the ~15K$ tech I have running to my CAT6A wired, trading room. (ya, for real). For the first hour of my day, I "fly" a digital rocket!. No time for 3 minute charts on my deck. Nope...

    And please no throat punching me. I'm thinking that my experience with IB's chart data can't be unique. And maybe, just maybe it can be solved?

    Attached are the core specs from my "under powered" trading PC. It's gotta be under powered, right? It can't the the data I'm getting?

    I'm a retired E.E. and luv to trade, code and build outstanding trading machinery. Hope you have a few ideas about the charts and a few grins from my note.

    This is for-real and quite funny in my head. The young lady on the IB helpdesk suggested my "laptop", that's what she called "The Crater Maker"! Lol, wasn't fast enough. The "Crater Maker" is all mine, but his side-kick, Diabo Rojo is for sale. Black as night and glows fire red from the cooling system and electronics. Oh and I'm not trying to flog anything here other than my IB tale of woe.

    She called "The Crater Maker" a LAPTOP! Dang, that's blasphemy!


    P.S. I love how the first paragraph ends... laptop.

    those are some serious hardware specs for a laptop. it's not your machine for sure! i use a carrier pigeon to send and receive my data. i find that when feeding the bird energy drinks they fly faster. if that doesn't work i hook up my system to a flip phone.


      Hello Randy,

      Can you please tell me for what instruments you experience these loading times. For how much days do you load historical minute or daily data in the chart? Are there any indicators applied in the chart when you test?

      Am I correct you experience these loading times only for new data that is loaded in NinjaTrader or each time? Once historical data is loaded in NinjaTrader, it is stored in NinjaTrader so it does not have load it all from the connected data feed/broker connection again. Please see the link below for information on how NinjaTrader loads historical data.
      JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


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