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New Feature Request: Swing Trading Playback Simulator (Feb 23, 2021)

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    New Feature Request: Swing Trading Playback Simulator (Feb 23, 2021)

    New Feature Request: Swing Trading Playback Simulator (Feb 23, 2021)

    I have been using NT8 for over a year now and despite the steep learning curve, technical glitches and logistical issues, I love it – There is nothing better on the market. In particular, I have been using the Playback feature for about a year and I think it is an excellent feature for practicing day trading. There is nothing else like it in the market and my compliments to your developers for creating it and your business guys and gals for allowing people to use it for free. I use it extensively and it has really helped me.

    Most traders, like myself, need to master day trading and swing trading.

    While playback is a great tool for testing and practicing day trading, unfortunately, it cannot be easily used for testing swing trading since it can only do tick by tick simulations. Simulating longer time-frame market action, like say a 1-hour bar for instance, could take 20 minutes to print one bar and just slows the simulation to a crawl. A 1-day bar time frame would take hours. A typical swing trading test could look at price action over a year, or several years. Therefore, NT8 is not a viable swing trading simulation solution when long-term time frames are involved.

    I’d like to request a feature upgrade for NT8 that would allow your users to test swing trading in addition to day trading. I do not believe it would be too difficult to implement swing trading simulation since the simulation framework already exists with playback.

    Here is how I think it should work…

    Playback simulation would offer one of two mutually exclusive modes:
    1. Tick by tick simulation for day trading (existing current as the “Playback” feature), or
    1. Swing trading simulation (new requested feature). If selected, a popup entry panel would be presented: The user would enter start date and time, how far back from start to include data (to pre-populate charts), the initial desired location for control panel to appear on the chart (i.e., top row, bottom row, left side or right side). Once started, each active chart in the workspace chart will have the swing playback control panel (that can be hidden or displayed like the chart trader panel) but only one control chart can work at any given time but can run on any chart at any time (input focus can change).

      Swing Simulator Playback Controls:
    • Speed control selection (0.25x (animate open, high, low and close steps (1 second per step or 4 seconds per bar)), 1x (1 second per bar), 2x (2 bars per second), 4x etc.)
    • Play (at selected speed) / Pause button
    • Rewind button (at selected speed and undo any trades along the way)
    • Go back to a specified date and time (and undo any trades in the time interval)
    • Step through Bar-by-Bar: 3 buttons:
      1. Step forward button (advances market one iteration step with each click and stops)
      2. Step backward button (reverses one iteration with each click step and stops, undoes any trades along the way)
      3. Animate inter-bar (if selected displays the bar in 4 animation steps or “iterations” with each click consisting of open, high, low and close. For red bars high is displayed first and low is displayed next followed by close and for green bars low is displayed first and high is displayed next followed by close (the same order as they would appear on a chart).
    • Naturally all of the chart trading ATMs would work the same way as it does currently for Playback.
    • The swing playback controls would appear on each chart, similar to the chart trader hidden/visible functionality, an option would exist to select which edge to display the playback control bar.
    • Much of this functionality by the way exists with TradingView, but unfortunately you can't use their playback feature on multiple charts, jut one chart which is completely useless. Multiple chart fractals with different time frames is required for any half descent trading system.
    I sincerely hope that your team decides to proceed with this request as I am sure many people would find it very useful and make an already great trading platform even better! Thank you for considering my request, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my request.

    NT8 traders, if you also want a swing trading playback feature added then please support my request and chime in!! I'd love to get this request advanced to the top of the bucket list! Show your support for this feature with LIKES!


    Ted, AKA BLU82.
    Last edited by BLU82; Yesterday, 08:42 AM.

    Hello BLU82,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I have submitted this as a feature request to the Development Team. I will follow up with an internal tracking number for your reference as soon as it is created.

    Thanks in advance for your patience.
    Brandon H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Brandon, thanks for this, why has this topic been moved to "platform Support" when I started it as a development topic? This is a development request not a platform issue. I want to make sure that other see my post so they can get behind it and build a push to get it done. Thanks, Ted.


        Hello BLU82,

        Thank you for your note.

        The topic has been moved to Platform Support instead of General Development because it is a feature request related to the overall NinjaTrader platform functionality and not specific to the development of add-ons, indicators, or strategies. That being said, the feature request has been submitted to our Development department along with a link to your post so that they are aware of the request.

        Please let us know if we may further assist.
        Brandon H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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