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    Update Speed

    It seems the main window that shows the bars is not updating at the same speed as the actual data coming in. Superdom says one price, and the window shows another. This leads to data sometimes being missed completely in the bars drawing.
    Photo attached. You can see that the marked buys and sells happened outside the bars completely. Although superdom did show that price. It seems that the bars are not updated on every price change.
    How can that be adjusted?


    Hello DieSlower,

    Thanks for opening the thread.

    Charts update visually on a 250ms interval, but this does not mean data is missed. The SuperDOM updates visually much more often as there is not as much that is needed to render as a chart.

    Symptoms where execution markers are off on a chart may be due to delayed data or an out of sync PC clock. Please ensure the PC clock is synchronized to internet time and the realtime data is not delayed.

    Please use the steps below to change/check your Time Zone and sync the PC clock:
    • Shutdown NinjaTrader
    • Right-click the clock in the lower right corner of your desktop
    • Select Adjust date/time
    • For Windows 10 click 'Additional date, time, & regional settings' -> then click 'Set the time and date'
    • Select the 'Internet Time' tab at the top
    • Set the server to and then click Update.
    • If the message that appears says successful your PC clock should now be updated.
    • If not, select a different server from the Server: drop-down and try again (repeat until one of the servers is successful)
    After updating the PC clock, please restart NinjaTrader, then right-click the chart and select Reload All Historical Data.

    We look forward to assisting.
    JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


      I've double checked, and my time and zone are set automatically.
      When I watch the price movement on the Charts, it moves a lot slower that 250ms. It moves maybe every 1000-2000ms. SuperDom seems to update the price multiple times over before the Chart itself catches up. Maybe it updates the drawing at 250ms cycle, but it seems that it does not update the price data at that rate.


        Is it possible for you to capture a video of this behavior?

        The only other scenario in which I would expect charts to 'lag' would be if you're experiencing what we refer to as 'chart rendering delay'. This can occur when the amount of incoming data paired with your workspace complexity/PC capabilities causes NinjaTrader charts to fall behind real-time data. This symptom should be obvious to observe in a video of a chart with Chart Trader enabled with a SuperDOM also in view.
        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service



          Here is a link... should be up for a few days:

          Note how fast the yellow marker on the SuperDom is moving and how much of a delay the black price marker on the chart is showing...
          The black marker is moving at a different rate than the yellow, green and blue markers. From what I understand it should be 1:1 with the yellow.
          If I make an order, and the black marker is not aligned with the yellow, that is when I get the ticks outside the candle. I have some friends who use NT8, and they see the same thing all the time too, so I know it's not my machine.
          Last edited by DieSlower; 03-09-2021, 10:02 AM.


            Hello DieSlower,

            I'm not seeing an issue here, and see a delay I would expect. The yellow marker moves on the SuperDOM from 9.78 to 9.76 then back up to 9.77, and then we see the price market update on the chart. Since the chart refreshes visually on a 250ms interval, the price could move, then move back where the chart would signal a visual refresh (and we would not see the price marker move since the visual update came when the price moved back.)

            It may be worthwhile to perform your test on a more volatile instrument where you can see more frequent price changes, and it will be easier to see updates on a 250ms interval.

            I also suggest performing a baseline test:
            1. Close all resource intensive applications on your PC, leaving NinjaTrader as the only resource intensive application running on your PC
            2. Close all other charts and workspaces, leaving only a basic chart (without indicator/templates) and a SuperDOM window open
            In this state, you know that there is not anything that would be slowing NinjaTrader down and it is operating at optimal speed.

            We look forward to assisting.
            JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


              The yellow marker moves on the SuperDOM from 9.78 to 9.76 then back up to 9.77, and then we see the price market update on the chart.
              Correct, and that's the problem if the yellow marker goes from 9.78 to 9.76 then back up to 9.77 and i made a trade on 9.76 before the black mark updates, my buy will be outside the candle. And that is the whole problem. The black mark updates after the yellow mark makes a few jumps. They should be moving together, otherwise there will always be a miss.

              Here is another clip showing the yellows marker jumping around, and the black price jumping eventually, missing most of the inter jumps.
              I took off all the indicators from the chart. It made no difference.

              My machines specs are pretty high, image attached, and NT8 is not taking much resources at all.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
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              Click image for larger version

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                They should be moving together, otherwise there will always be a miss.
                This is incorrect. The windows refresh visually on different intervals. The SuperDOM refreshes much more frequently than a chart because there are far more computations involved with Chart rendering.

                NinjaTrader does not redraw the chart immediately with each tick because re-rendering the chart with each tick on a volatile market will overload your CPU with rendering calculations.

                Your latest video also looks like what we would expect with how fast the chart updates.
                JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Ok, but that means that on the chart the data is always only partial. Since the high and the lows of a candle could be chopped off at any time without the user knowing it. And this will lead to a lot of we are seeing.
                  250ms is a quarter of a second, that should be pretty fast. The black marker does not move anywhere close to that speed though. It's more like 1000ms or 2000ms
                  Can this be adjusted? Or can a control be made that will allow the user to determine if they want tick updates, or even price updates, or a timed interval?
                  For people with slow machines a slow interval could be used, and for people with fast machines, a price change interval or tick could be used.


                    The data isn't missing in the data series, it just is not updating visually with each tick. If the price moves back to where the price marker currently is when there is another refresh, we wont see an update for at least another 250ms.

                    There is a user created TickRefresh indicator that overrides our refresh intervals. I highly do not recommend using it, and to accept the chart refresh interval for how often it updates. If you need to view bleeding edge price action, you should use a different window than a chart. This indicator will cause performance issue with high volatility.

                    That indicator can be found here -

                    The link above is publicly available.

                    The NinjaTrader Ecosystem website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell a futures contract or make any other type of investment decision. The add-ons listed on this website are not to be considered a recommendation and it is the reader's responsibility to evaluate any product, service, or company. NinjaTrader Ecosystem LLC is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any product, service or company linked to on this website.

                    We look forward to assisting.
                    JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


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