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What is the recommended way to restart/start NT8 when the number of monitors changed?

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    What is the recommended way to restart/start NT8 when the number of monitors changed?


    I have two external monitors attached to a laptop with two graphics cards. One that comes with the standard Lenovo T480S , the second a NVIDIA HDMI connected graphics card.

    Occasionally I will disconnect the external monitors and there are always problems bringing NT8 back up. Sometimes it hangs for long periods of time and I'll see some exceptions.

    Most if not all of the windows that pop on top of the task bar which normally I can simply click to have them refreshed and positioned where they were before they were minimized are basically inaccessible The cannot be restored, maximized or otherwise brought back to life on any of the monitors. In addition the Control Center does not even appear as one of the available windows so only the task manager can be used to bring NT8 down and workspaces cannot be save etc..

    When I reconnect the external monitors and start NT8 I receive the following message (see attached) which states windows have been detected outside the visible range and should they be repositioned to the primary monitor. Regardless of whether yes or no is replied these windows are in limbo somewhere and cannot be restored. This message occurs regardless of whether I disconnected the extremal monitors or have reattached them. At one time I recall that once the external monitors were connected all the workspace/charts would be positioned exactly where they should be in all three of the monitors. Now regardless of what I respond, and regardless of whether the external monitors are connected. The workspace each time has to be rebuild one chart at a time.

    Any help would be appreciated as I spent a lot of time today rebuilding workspaces from scratch when NT8 stopped hanging up long enough for me to get in and have the screens respond.

    Thank you

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    Hello Glen,

    Can you please check if you can restore windows of your workspace by performing the following steps:
    • Move your mouse cursor over a chart or other window in your Windows task bar to bring up the task bar preview.
    • Hover the cursor over the preview of the chart or other window.
    • Right-click and select 'Move'.
    • Move your mouse cursor to the middle of your screen, then press the Up arrow on your keyboard and check if the chart or other window appears.
    If this does not work, are you able to restore the content of your workspace by restoring the workspace to a previous point in time? Please complete the following steps to use the "Restore workspace" feature:
    1. Navigate to Tools -> Database Management
    2. Select "Restore workspace"
    3. Select Restore to be directed to the location of the recovery workspaces
    4. Workspaces will be organized in folders with the same name as the workspace
    5. Double click the folder of the workspace you want to recover and then select the recovery file with the date/time that you want to recover. You'll want to select a file larger than 1kb from the available options.

    Below I have provided a link to the Restore Workspaces section of our help guide:
    To avoid such behavior all together, I suggest to save 2 versions of your workspace. One with the external monitors and one without the external monitors.

    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service



      Thank for the great tips. I believe the Move was the only option on the previews that seemed to change the cursor looking for me to relocate it. Honestly I hadn't used the Move option is so many years I forgot how to Implement it. But that is very helpful as is the restore workspace which is another one of those things you forgot about.

      I don't know if you want me to open up a new thread. But I've been having many problems on startup where today for example a few charts loaded and it just hung and I hat to restart. Upon restart every chart stayed blank for 10 mins :"loadling" and both times the CPU was 100% but the Performance Monitor in Script output was unresponsive so I couldn't get a clue at what occurred. Many times when this happens for a while I will see and Exceptioon Box pop up and it seems ok from that point.

      Today I task manager restarted because the control center was unresponsive and in a few minutes all charts were loaded up beautifully. Most of the shorter term charts are only loading 1 days work of data, the 30 minutes or longer I load 10 days.

      Any advice would be appreciated as it always seems to happen at the worst time, you either have a position that of course is going the other way or market I trade is on a tear and I should be getting a small piece of the move.

      Thank you very much,




        Please send me your log and trace files so that I may look into what occurred.

        You can do this by going to the Control Center-> Help-> Email Support

        Ensuring 'Log and Trace Files' is checked will include these files. This is checked by default.

        Please reference the following ticket number in the body of the email: 3005427
        Ryan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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