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Migrating to new PC

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    Migrating to new PC

    I originally installed NT8 on my Mac and had some custom strategies built. But now i have a new Windows machine and used the NT8 lifetime license key- same as on Mac but all my built strategies, settings, workspaces are missing. Could you please help.


    Hello honest-trader,

    Thank you very much for your post.

    As your question isn't directly related to the prior post, we've moved it to its own thread. That way, anyone searching for this answer can more easily find it.

    Do you still have access to the older NinjaTrader 8 installation on your Mac? If so, you could create a backup on this platform and then import it on the new installation.

    This would carry over your workspaces and settings without the need to set everything back up a second time.

    Please note that the following list is the items you can choose to include or exclude from your backup:
    • Configuration files
    • Database
    • Historical Chart Data
    • Log and Trace files
    • Market Replay Data
    • NinjaScript Files
    • Templates
    • Workspaces
    Many users exclude the historical chart data, log and trace files, and Market Replay data to reduce the file size.

    To back up your installation and transfer it to a second PC please follow these steps:
    • Open NinjaTrader 8 on the computer you wish to backup from and disconnect from any open connections if applicable
    • Go to Tools > Export > Backup File
    • Select which items you would like to backup and click 'Export'
    • Email or Save the file to an external storage device. The file can be found in the Documents\NinjaTrader 8 Backup folder on your PC
    Open NinjaTrader 8 on the computer you wish to restore to and disconnect from any open connections if applicable.
    • Open the email with the backup file or connect the external storage and save the backup file to a destination of your choosing (I recommend the desktop as it is easy to find)
    • Go to Tools > Import > Backup File...
    • Select the backup file you created from the location you saved it
    Once the backup has been restored please follow the steps below to restore the information that did not carry over (license key and account credentials):
    • Click on Help > License Key and paste the key you've received from our Platform Sales Team. You may also find this key on the first platform
    • Click on Connections > Configure, then add your username and password
    I have also attached the publicly available Help Guide section regarding backup and restore below:

    Help Guide -

    If you had any third-party indicators installed, you might also have to reach out to the vendor directly and let them know that your machine ID has changed. You can locate the new machine ID under Help > About.

    Please let us know if we may provide further assistance!
    Manfred F.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks for getting back.

      Im trying to take backup from paralles/windows/nt8 from Windows.

      I receive this error message..attached
      Attached Files


        Hello honest-trader,

        Can you please check if your virus scanner or any other application access/blocks/scans files in the \\Mac\Home\Documents\NinjaTrader 8 folder. NinjaTrader needs to access the database to create the backup file. The error indicates another application was using the file that NinjaTrader was trying to access as well, which resulted in the error.

        Please make sure to configure your virus scanner or other application (automatic backup software for example) so that none of the files in directory above will be accessed/scanned or remove that directory from the scanning list.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Hi Jason
          I run Windows using Parallels in a Mac.

          I dont have any virus scanners installed nor any other similar software running.

          I tried getting to the file myself using windows explorer and i was able to , not sure why NT8 throws this error when the files are accessible.


            Parallels needs to be adjusted prior to the NinjaTrader installation in order for items to function without issue. Please uninstall NinjaTrader:

            You will save all settings and data including your indicators and strategies. All settings and data are located at Documents-->NinjaTrader 8 which is not deleted when you uninstall NinjaTrader in Windows.
            • Make sure NinjaTrader is shut down.
            • Uninstall NinjaTrader 8 via Windows start menu-->Settings-->Apps.
            Then follow the steps below:

            Mac Installation - Configuring NinjaTrader for Parallels

            When installing NinjaTrader on a Mac using Parallels users will need to ensure that the following steps have been taken prior to the installation of NinjaTrader.
            1. Start Parallels and select your virtual machine
            2. Press the "Configure" button on the top
            3. Under "Options", select "Sharing"
            4. Uncheck "Share Mac" under "Share Mac User Folders with Windows"
            5. Press "OK" and start the virtual machine
            After following these steps, please reinstall NinjaTrader and check if you can create backup files. You can download and install NinjaTrader from the link below.

            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


              Did those steps and was able to import on my windows nt8 BUT i keep getting the same message alert saying your machine id has changed so input the license key, which i have done 4 times but still i cant find my graph templates, workspaces etc I have tried quitting NT8 and restarted the app but still i get the same message asking me to input license key


                This is as expected. The machine ID is different on each computer for security reasons. You will have to manually enter your license key at Control Center-->Help-->License Key.

                You can find chart templates and workspaces at the locations below.

                Chart templates
                Documents-->NinjaTrader 8-->templates-->Chart

                Documents-->NinjaTrader 8-->workspaces

                I suggest to transfer the files you like to the other computer using email or an USB stick. Paste the files in the appropriate folders while NinjaTrader is shut down. Start NinjaTrader and check if you can open the workspaces and apply the chart templates in question.
                JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                  As i said above i have inputted the license key 7+ times now and tried importing the backup files 7+ times but still cant find any settings imported even after restarting the application NT8..i still cant find any of my settings from the Mac Parallels version..

                  I pasted the backupfile to Icloud and then accessed the file from icloud on the new windows machine, the file seems to be importing without issues but NT8 doesnt pick up the backup ..this is a NT8 error not recognising the backup and machine id, new license key


                    I copied chart templates, strategies, workspaces to destination windows machine folders - same folders as source NT8. Even after copying the strategies folders i cannot see in the Windows machine NT8 the strategies i copied to respective folders, this is really disappointing as the application is not able to smoothly import from source to destination, what is the point in taking a backup/export from source to import in a destination ?


                      Could it be these are 3rd party strategies? If so, please contact the vendor of these strategies and provide them the machine ID of NinjaTrader on the new computer, so they can authorize it.

                      Backup files can't be used to transfer 3rd party add-ons. They need to be installed fresh in NinjaTrader on the new computer and they need to be authorized for the new machine ID.

                      Backup files also don't transfer the license key or any connections you created. You will have to manually enter the license key and recreate any connection.
                      JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                        I was able to load the chart templates, workspaces - didnt work but not fussed, strategies- third party have requested new machine id approval. But from an user perspective this is really worrying as there is no smoother migration.
                        Thanks for your help



                          Did those means and had the option to import on my windows nt8 Yet I continue getting a similar message ready saying your machine id has changed so input the permit key, which I have completed multiple times yet at the same time I cannot discover my diagram formats, workspaces and so on I have had a go at stopping NT8 and restarted the application yet at the same time I get a similar message requesting that I input permit key


                            Hello gajas,

                            Please note that backup files can't be used to transfer over 3rd party add-ons (and license key and created connections). You need to install 3rd party add-ons fresh in NinjaTrader on the new computer after you provided the machine ID of NinjaTrader on the new computer. You can find the machine ID at Control Center-->Help-->About. The 3rd party vendor needs to authorize the machine ID of NinjaTrader on the new computer or else it won't work.

                            I suggest to create a backup file for your workspaces and templates only in NinjaTrader on the old computer. Then restore the backup file in NinjaTrader on the new computer.
                            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                              Hi gajas

                              Charts, Workspaces--> Copy these files from Source to Destination systems/folders - same folders eg. Charts under charts
                              Strategies--> Copy them in the same way above
                              Machine id--> 3rd party indicators, strategies provide your machine id using Help third party licensing and share that machine id with them, I did this and it works

                              Hope it works


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