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Disappearing chart strategy

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    Disappearing chart strategy

    I'm using NT8 (v8.0.24.2) the latest version I believe.
    I have had issues with strategies added to chart not re-loading after restarting NT.
    I believe I've tracked it down to the following scenario:

    Open NT
    Create a workspace with 1 chart
    Add the "Sample MA crossover" to that chart
    Save workspace and exit NT

    Open NT again
    Workspace loads ok with the chart and stategy

    However if I DO NOT enable the strategy after loading and directly close NT, the next time I open NT the strategy is missing from the chart
    If I enable and disable the strategy BEFORE closing NT, it seems to reload the strategy everytime I restart NT without a problem.

    Please confirm you can replicate this and it is in fact a bug.

    Hello kiffgj,

    Thanks for opening the thread.

    I have recorded a demo of myself testing the SampleMACrossover strategy added to a chart, saving the workspace then restarting NinjaTrader both when saving workspaces and when not saving workspaces.

    Demo -

    Do you see this behavior in a clean environment, and if so, could you clarify on the steps I should take?

    Clean Environment Test:

    Creating a clean environment can be done by following the steps below:
    1. Close NinjaTrader 8, and rename the "NinjaTrader 8" folder in My Documents to something like: "NinjaTrader 8 OLD" Do not delete this folder.
    2. Uninstall NinjaTrader from the Windows Control Panel
    3. Delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 8 folder
    4. Reinstall using the installer from
    5. Test the same procedure to reproduce the issue and let me know any steps I should take differently.
    If you ever need to switch back to your original platform, you may do so by closing NinjaTrader and swapping the platform folder names.

    For example, Close NinjaTrader and rename the new "NinjaTrader 8" folder to "NinjaTrader 8 NEW" and the "NinjaTrader 8 OLD" folder to "NinjaTrader 8." Then restart the platform. Simply put: NinjaTrader 8 will always load the "NinjaTrader 8" folder in My Documents.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


      I have followed the advice above and setup a clean environment, but the problem still exists.
      I am running on a corporate windows domain PC, which uses folder redirects for the "My Documents" folder, so I'm using the /D command line option when starting NT to specify an alternative location for the "NinjaTrader 8" folder.

      After installing a fresh using the instructions above I do the following:
      Open NT with the default "Untitled" workspace
      Configure my IQFeed connection and set it to auto-connect on startup
      Add a new chart to the workspace (FDAX ##-## in this case)
      Add the "Sample MA crossover" strategy to the new opened chart
      Enable the strategy
      Close NT, saying Yes to both prompts (including saving the Untitled workspace)

      Open NT
      Wait for IQFeed connection
      Immediate close NT, saying YES again to saving the workspace

      Open NT
      The strategy is now missing from the chart and not displayed on the strategies tab of the control center either


        Hello kiffgj,

        Thanks for replying with that detail.

        It does not look like the alternate directory is the issue and the issue is specific to IQFeed. I have reproduced using IQFeed and an FDAX 06-21 chart. An internal ticket now is on our Quality Assurance team's desk for further review.

        The ticket has moved to the Development team's desk to have a fix applied in a new version of NinjaTrader 8. The ticket ID is NTEIGHT-14922. The number for this ID will be found in the Release Notes page of the Help Guide when a new version of NinjaTrader contains a fix for this issue. Please note that we cannot offer an ETA on release schedules as they are determined by Product Management and pending Development tasks.

        Release Notes -

        I will keep you posted as this develops.
        Last edited by NinjaTrader_Jim; 05-17-2021, 07:35 AM.
        JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


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