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Stochastics parameters and method

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    Stochastics parameters and method

    I try to use free demo platform.

    I don't understand what method (SMA, WMA, EMA ,TMA...) is used for %D and for smooth by default? Additionally I would know a period for method for %D and smooth by default.
    In demo version , those parameters can't be adjustable. Are those parameters adjustable in paid version ?

    Best regards

    Hello JonnBrown,
    Thank you for the question.

    When using NinjaTrader, if you go to the Control Center > Help > License key, and the License Key starts with @SIM, that means the platform is using the Simulation License key.
    • The Simulation License Key essentially gives you access to all of the same features as a Leased License key except for the ability to see or place trades to a live account
    • So, a paid version of the License Key is not going to unlock some new settings that you do not currently see other than the ability to place live trades
    • A Lifetime License Key would unlock access to the Order Flow + Indicators, otherwise, it includes all of the same features as the Leased and Simulation License key

    If you would like to know more about the various Moving Average indicators available within the NinjaTrader Platform, please visit the Help Guide link below that provides more information on each of the Indicators within NinjaTrader:When you add an indicator like an EMA to a chart, it is going to automatically use a default value, but you are always able to change this value to what you would like. You could even save your new value as the Default for that indicator if desired. Please see the link below for instructions on saving an Indicator Template.
    Clayton G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Еxcuse me what are you talking about ???? What license key ?????????????????? When and Where I asked about it ????????????????????????? What moving average indicator ?????????????

      I see you "answer" questions without reading them ! In my question, I highlighted the key points, but ..

      The first time I needed to get feedback and I am strongly disappointed :-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

      My questions were about Stochastic indicator in Ninjatrader 8 , not more. I don't know do you know a little bit about Stochastic indicator, but .......

      The Stochastic indicator use %K and %D.

      %K. The number of periods in the chart. If the chart displays daily data, then %K Period denotes days; in weekly charts, the period will stand for weeks, and so on. The application uses a default value of 14.

      %D. The number of periods used in the Moving Average calculation. What METHOD of Moving average (SMA, WMA, EMA ,TMA...) is used for %D by default in Nnjatrader 8 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ???????????????????

      Smoothing Period. The number of periods used in the Moving Average calculation for the Slow Stochastic study. What METHOD of Moving average (SMA, WMA, EMA ,TMA...) is used for Smoothing by default in Nnjatrader 8 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

      Several other platforms allow you to customize the Moving Average METHOD used for% D and smoothing to plot the Stochastic indicator. But in Ninjatrader (free version) those is impossible. In this regard, my last question was following. Are those parameters for Stochastic Indicator adjustable in paid version ????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????

      With deep disappointment in Ninjatrader support


        Hello JonnBrown,

        The Stochastic indicator is open source and you are welcome to the view code.
        New -> NinjaScript Editor -> Indicators -> Stochastics.

        The D line is the K line fed as an input series to the SMA indicator.

        The Smooth property is used for the Period (number of bars for calculation) with the fastK being fed to the SMA and used for the K line.

        You can make a copy of the Stochastics and change the logic to use other moving averages if you would like. The Stochastics provided by NinjaTrader does not have this by default.
        Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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