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NinjaTrader 8 and Interactive Brokers 981.3i interoperability issue with TWS/Gateway

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    NinjaTrader 8 and Interactive Brokers 981.3i interoperability issue with TWS/Gateway


    Just this week I have experienced problems everyday connecting NinjaTrader 8 to the recommended TWS instances on the connection guide.

    For those of you who only connect locally ( then fortunately this issue will not effect you, however if you connect to IB over a network then this post most likely will be relevant (As noted below this issue may be for advisor account login credentials).

    I am not able to get a stable connection to an IB instance over a network. The TWS and Gateway both report the client with an associated IP address, client ID and port and is green and connected but the connection light on NinjaTrader 8 remains yellow. An additional problem is when connecting locally with which seems to be ok for the local instance of NT8 but I run into the same problem connecting a 2nd instance of NT8 to the same TWS and or Gateway.

    It is my opinion that NinjaTrader have not thoroughly tested this combination and allowed for all normal features to function. It requires immediate action and an update from the team as soon as possible.

    I sympathize with other users that are also having issues.

    Initially earlier in the week I thought perhaps there was another cause for the issues present however after testing I'm confident about my above report.

    Unfortunately I did not contact NinjaTrader until late Friday after I had run out of ideas and a representative did offer a remote support option. He setup a machine with the latest version of NT8, the recommended version 981.3i (incorrectly entered j, apologies) of TWS and following the connection guide entered the advised settings and of course connected successfully to the instance of TWS ( without an issue but as I explained this does not help solve the issue I have been experiencing connecting over a network as mentioned above.

    I'd also like to add that NinjaTrader 7 does not appear to be experiencing any of the problems above where I can connect to an instance of TWS and/ Gateway over a local connection ( and/or over a network so clearly this is an NT8 issue 100%. From my perspective I have spent hours (and I mean many hours) trying to resolve this issue to determine that it is platform specific and a NinjaTrader software interoperability issue with IB's TWS and Gateway and most likely local to NinjaTrader NT8 software specifically.

    Please NinjaTrader support fix this issue ASAP.


    IMPORTANT: As I connect to an IB account that is an advisor account I enabled the same market data on one of the sub accounts so I could connect locally in the case where I experience continued issues (not that this is ideal as essentially I am paying for additional market data unnecessarily) perhaps this is where the issue with functionality is? Has NinjaTrader tested NT8 software with TWS/Gateway for an advisor account?
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    Hello suprsnipes,

    Thank you for your note.

    At this point, we do not have enough information to determine what exactly could be occurring regarding your connection using the IB advisor account and TWS but I do see you mentioned 981.3j. Was this a typo or is this the build you are currently running? The supported build of TWS with NinjaTrader 8 currently listed in our Connection Guide is 981.3i. If you haven't already, please install this version from our connection guide and test again:

    Please follow the steps below to manually attach your log and trace files to an email to platformsupport[AT]ninjatrader[DOT]com with "ATTN CHRIS S 3452176" in the subject line so I may investigate this matter further.
    • Open your NinjaTrader folder under Documents.
    • Right click on the 'log' and 'trace' folders and select Send To> Compressed (zipped) Folder.
    • Send the 2 compressed folders as attachments to this email.
    • Once complete, you can delete these compressed folders.
    I look forward to your reply.


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