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Ninja not working

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    Ninja not working


    I am experiencing problems with Ninja since weeks. Lots of times when I am starting the program a message appear saying that the program is not working and I have to restart it again.
    I could run the program like this but today I am starting it and takes long time to run and when it looks like is working, it stops again.
    I reboot computer several times. I unistal and reinstal ninja again and nothing.

    Please advise


    Hello Alvaro1982,

    Thank you for your post,

    Often, this messages appearing at startup indicates the workspace(s) NinjaTrader is attempting to load are too CPU-intensive.

    To test, please take the following steps to have NinjaTrader 8 launch in Safe Mode.

    1. Close NinjaTrader 8
    2. Hold the Ctrl Key + double click the NinjaTrader 8 icon (best done from the Desktop, continue to hold Ctrl until NT is launched).
    3. When launched, the NinjaTrader 8 splash screen that appears when loading should say Safe Mode.

    This will cause NinjaTrader to launch without your saved workspaces and also will Connect on Startup disabled.

    Try opening up a new chart via the New menu. Make sure, when opening the chart, to select <None> from the top right "Load the following chart template" drop down menu.

    Try opening up a charts and other windows present in your saved workspace via the New menu. If there are no issues in this workspace, try closing NinjaTrader and relaunching again without Safe Mode.

    If you still see the same error, I suggest rebuilding your workspace. Launch in Safe Mode again then use the Workspace menu to close all of your saved workspaces. After you closed the last one, a new Untitled workspace will be created. Save that workspace via the Workspaces menu then close and restart NinjaTrader, which will now only launch with the new, blank workspace.

    When rebuilding, I suggest referencing our Performance tips, linked below, as these can help improve the behavior you're seeing.


    Also, if you use 3rd parry items, see the link below.


    We look forward to assisting further.
    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank you for your response.
      Im using Ninja7 not Ninja8.

      I was able to make it work but now the charts frozes each second and continue after it. Like if there is a bottleneck.

      My machine is powerfull and conection is working propertly.

      Please advice



        And its not working again...


          Hello Alvaro1982,

          Thank you for your reply,

          Please make sure to post in the correct location of the forum, this potion is for NinjaTrader 8 inquires.

          As a test, please take the following steps to force NinjaTrader to start without your saved workspace. You will have the option to reopen these after our tests.

          Shut down NinjaTrader

          Navigate to (My) Documents\NinjaTrader 7\workspaces

          Delete the file named "_Workspaces.XML". DO NOT delete the 'workspaces' folder - only delete the '_Workspaces.XML' file within the 'workspaces' folder

          After deleting this file, restart NinjaTrader which should startup without any workspaces.

          Once NinjaTrader has started on just the control center, please open a new chart with no custom bar types/indicators/templates and test for issues.

          *Please note this will not delete your workspace however the new blank workspace will be named Untitled1. If you have a workspace already named Untitled1 however you will not want to save the workspace when exiting NinjaTrader, otherwise it will overwrite it.
          If there are no issues on this new workspace, please try opening the previous workspace by going to File--> Workspaces--> Open workspace.

          If this reintroduces issues, I would suggest rebuilding your workspace, adding 1 indicator at a time. Please keep track of what indicators you add back in so that we can narrow down what indicator is causing the issue if the issue returns.
          Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


            Aparently it is solved.

            Thank you for your help



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