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Error: You have Custom Ninjascript Files on your PC

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    Error: You have Custom Ninjascript Files on your PC

    I just did a fresh install of NT8, no custom indicators or strategies in the files.
    But when I try to import script, i get:

    "Error: You have Custom Ninjascript Files on your PC that have programming errors. These Errors must be resolved before you can import a Ninjascript Archive File".

    I've searched google with no luck.

    Make sure that you have no *.cs files in any subfolders of bin\Custom\Indicators or bin\Custom\Strategies. Also check for any *.cs files in the bin\Custom tree whose names do not begin with the @ symbol (see also AddOns, BarsTypes, ChartStyles, etc.).


      Appreciate the reply.
      The only Folders I have in the bin file are Backup and Snippet, nothing else..
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        You were looking in the wrong place, C:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom is not where custom NinjaScript files reside; they will be found in C:\Users\username\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom

        When you install NT, it creates a hierarchical structure of folders within your username\Documents\NinjaTrader 8 folder. One of these folders is bin\ and within that is Custom\ and within that are many subfolders as shown in the attached screenshot.

        The folders that contain C# program code in *.cs files are marked with red arrows. It is within these folders that you should look for any files whose names do not begin with @ -- those will be custom NinjaScript files, one or more of which probably caused the error.
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          Hello Mike_S,

          tradesmart would be correct, the custom user data is held in the documents directory at the locations noted. If you are trying to do a completely clean install and get rid of everything, you would need to both un install the platform and also remove/rename the NinjaTrader 8 folder from the documents directory. After doing this you could re install and have a completely fresh installation.

          If you did want to retain any files, the noted folders would be the location to look for the files. In the case you want to try and correct the errors you can use the NinjaScript editor at this point to compile and see what errors are listed. If you wanted to go this path and needed further direction, please let me know otherwise completing the clean install steps above would refresh the installation.

          Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.
          JesseNinjaTrader Customer Service


            Tradesmart, Jesse
            Thank you,
            God bless you,
            I love you.
            Very much appreciated.



              I know that this is an old post, but im having the same issue and i cant fix it...

              If i try tyo Remove NinjaScript Assembly or Import NinjaScript Add On I get an error popup, and if i try to comile on a NinjaScript Editor windows I get another error (i attached reference images).
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                Thank you for your note.

                The compile error you are seeing in the NinjaScript Editor indicates you are missing a reference to the DTTW8News4T.dll file in your installation or the .DLL file does not exist in your installation.

                Please follow the steps below to rectify the errors.
                1. From the Control Center please select New--> NinjaScript Editor
                2. In the NinjaScript Editor please right click and select References.
                3. In the Reference window look for the .DLL file reference in the compile error by name (in the error the file name has a .cs at the end)
                4. If you see the .DLL file reference please left click on the reference and select Remove
                5. If you removed the reference in the previous step or you do not see the .DLL file reference then please select Add
                6. The Add option will open a File Explorer, from the path that was opened please locate the .DLL file
                7. If you find the .DLL please left click to select it and then select Open--> then select OK in the References window--> then right click in the NinjaScript Editor--> select Compile
                8. If you do not find the .DLL in the File Explorer please close the File Explorer and References windows--> then navigate to Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom on your PC--> and delete the .cs file referenced in the compile error--> then right click in the NinjaScript Editor--> Compile

                If you would like assistance with the steps provided please write in to PlatformSupport [AT] NinjaTrader [DOT] com and reference this forum post so we can schedule a remote support session to troubleshoot this.
                Drew O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Try all these alternatives and I could not solve it. I think the problem is in the third-party AddOn, it install dependencies in ... / Custom and when you do an Export BackUp File NinjaTrader does not take into account those dependencies.ç

                  I Fix it by removing the DLL from the source PC (Remove NinjaScript Assembly) and doing a new BackUp, reinstall NinjaTrader 8 on the second PC and re-import the new BackUp.

                  Everything working fine now.



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