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Unrecognized Symbol NYSEONLYTICK

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    Unrecognized Symbol NYSEONLYTICK

    What is the correct Master Instrument Name for the Stocks Only NYSE Tick that has the IQFeed Symbol Mapping LINN.Z ?

    Is it supported by the Ninjatrader Historical Servers?

    The Kinetick Symbol Search function is horrible, almost worthless. Can't find it there.


    I was not able to find an index instrument relating to NYSE with this IQFeed symbol mapping. This would not be an instrument supported by the NinjaTrader Historical Data servers.

    NinjaTrader comes pre-loaded with the most commonly traded instruments. Should you wish to add an instrument to your database that is not located in the pre-loaded lists, please follow these steps:

    -Navigate to the Control Center > Tools > Instruments window.

    -Left-click on the ‘add’ button that appears near the lower right-hand corner of the Instruments window.

    -Enter instrument-specific symbol mapping, exchanges, and other information on the Instrument editor that appears. This information will largely depend on your broker or datafeed provider’s specific settings regarding the instrument in question.

    -Left-click the OK button once each field has been filled out with correct information.

    The new instrument has now been created in your database. Should you wish to add this instrument to an instrument list:

    -Navigate to the Control Center > Tools > Instruments Lists window.

    -Left-click to select the instrument list that you wish to add this instrument to in the left panel, then left-click on the ‘add’ button at the bottom of the right-hand panel.

    -Type the name and (if applicable) front month of your instrument in the search field that appears. Press the Enter button on your keyboard to confirm this change.

    -Left-click the OK button to close the Instrument Lists window.

    Your new instrument is now added to the instrument list of your choice.

    Drew O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Non responsive answer telling me what I already know

      Instrument seems to be working now using the Master Instrument name NYSESTOCKSONLYTICK that I basically pulled out of a hat, mapped to LINN.Z...

      As I said, the KInetick symbol search page is basically useless, so it's no wonder you couldn't find that instrument.
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      Last edited by Ricam; 01-09-2017, 09:36 PM.



        My apologies for the confusion, I was only referring to the Instrument Manager meaning that this was not a default instrument to the platform. You should be able to use any Master Instrument name of your choosing as long as there are no invalid symbols in the Master Instrument name, and the Symbol Mapping is correct.

        Your IQ Feed connection should not be using the NinjaTrader Historical Data servers, since they provide their own historical data. However, I'm glad to hear this instrument is working as expected. This would imply the configuration is correct for this custom instrument.
        Drew O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Next question is when are they gonna fix that horrible, nearly impossible to use, symbol searching tool on the Kinetick website.


            Hello Ricam,

            Thank you for your feedback. If you ever need help finding a symbol for Kinetick or adding it within NinjaTrader, you can send a note to support[AT]kinetick[DOT]com.
            Christopher D.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              There was indeed an invalid instrument problem. Although my preferred data feed for stocks and indexes is IQFeed, the AMP/CQG connection was trying, and failing, to load historical data for my custom instrument. DESPITE THE FACT that the symbol mapping to CQG for the custom instrument is BLANK.

              Although it's an index, I reconfigured my custom instrument as a stock. That prevents the caret ^ symbol from preceding the name, After doing that, for some reason, the CQG connection no longer attempts to load the instrument and the problem is gone.

              The fact remains that a data feed SHOULD NOT BE TRYING TO LOAD DATA FOR AN INSTRUMENT THAT IT IS NOT MAPPED TO.
              Last edited by Ricam; 01-17-2017, 01:25 PM.


                Can you clarify - did you set your preferred connection for index data in both historical and real-time to IQFeed?

                Screenshot for clarification: https://www.screencast.com/t/mXmiM3uW

                If not, a possible scenario where a CQG-based connection would attempt to load index data when it is connected first and no preference has been set in both historical and real-time data could occur.

                Since it is impossible for a CQG-based connection to provide equities data (futures and index only), I can understand why your change to equities may have been a work-around in this case.
                Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  YES i set historical and real time preferences, and am long past needing basic how to instructions.

                  Why does a data feed try to load an instrument that it has no mapping for? That makes no sense at all. Regardless of preference settings.


                    Hello Ricam,

                    Thanks for your reply.

                    I was not able to replicate this on my end, as the Preferred Connections seems to work as expected. So that I may investigate I would ask that you contact me by email at PlatformSupport [AT] NinjaTrader [DOT] com. In your message please include a link to this forum thread and a copy of today's trace files. You will find these diagnostic file in the Documents > NinjaTrader 8 > Trace folder. I will need to review a copy of the files which are named 'trace.20170117.XXXXX.txt'. There will likely be multiple files for each day.
                    Drew O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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