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MultiTime Frame Data Synchronization ( Tick Charts)

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    MultiTime Frame Data Synchronization ( Tick Charts)

    I have used MTF Tick charts for years so I fully understand some of the ins and outs and compromises. But what I do expect is that they are synchronized within themselves and I am finding situations where they are not. I first started noticing that the Time frames are changing their synchronization when offline. So that bars are out of sync.

    Let me define what I am calling out of sync.

    If I have a 50 Tick bar. I expect their will be 5 x (50 tick) bars within a 250 tick Bar.
    I expect the 5th (50 tick bar) will close on the same bar at the same time The 250 tick Bar closes.

    Most times when connecting the bars will re sync when connecting if not synchronizes when offline. But too many times they do not. They only way I have found to Synchronize is to Reload Data and that is only if I can see if they are not synchronized to begin with.

    Can anyone make a suggestion to Get around this or insure I am synchronized on Startup of Ninja and or indicators. A while back I noticed there were issues crossing session boundaries and the changes I made may be impacting what I am now seeing.

    Thanks for any enlightenment

    I'd like to gather some more information about your specific setup to see if we can narrow down how your charts are getting out of sync.

    When I tested on my end a few minutes ago here is what I did:
    • One chart with 2 ES 03-17 data series
    • 50 tick and 250 tick

    These appear to stay in sync as you describe. What would I need to do to cause them to become out of sync?

    Real-time data vs. historical data would most likely play a role here as well.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks for the response. As you probably know by now those are not my time frames. Not that I know that it matters. But it was for clear illustration of what I am seeing. What I believe is it has some relationship to the fact all my Higher time frames are now added within my indicators. Previously the second and third series where also added on the chart but because of issues with the Draw-text command I removed those time frames from the chart ( That eliminated the errors I was getting )and only use them from within my indicator but now there seems to be this sync problem. So what I am suggesting is that it has to do with syncing On Chart vs. Added Data-series. What I intend to do after market is write the simplest indicator( arrows) to demonstrate chart HTF Data boundaries from within my indicators So I can visibly see the transitions and hopefully try and demonstrate the issue. I was looking for any input I could gain with moving this test forward.


        I wrote a simple indicator to try and replicate the situation. It does not appear easy to replicate.
        When I come across another occurrence I will snap some pics and post them. There is no doubt in my mind this is occurring.


          This is in Real time this morning.
          These bars should be on the same bar Since
          they are even multiple. 43 seconds between the arrows.
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            This is after Data Reload. Now the bars are Lined up.
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              Hello JerryWar,

              Thank you for your response.

              Please send me your log and trace files so that I may look into what occurred.

              You can do this by going to the Control Center-> Help-> Email Support.

              Please list 'ATTN: Patrick H' in the subject line of the email and reference this thread in the body of the email.

              I look forward to your response.


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