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Horizontal lines not rolling over

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    Horizontal lines not rolling over

    I just installed the latest NT8.0.5.2

    I have some charts for ES 03-17, containing horizontal lines (visible = all charts, locked).
    Now I performed a "rollover" in "tools" -> database management -> Update - subsequently "ES 03-2017" was flipped to "ES 06-2017" (as expected)

    Now, the NT8 help guide states the following:

    "Rollover of Drawing Objects
    To rollover your drawing objects you can complete either a batch rollover or a manual rollover. Closing your chart and opening a new chart would result in the drawing objects being lost.

    When rolling over, your drawing objects will be kept at the same price level they were originally placed. If a Merge Policy of MergeBackAdjusted is being used, this will result in the adjusted bars moving the price away from the original placement of the drawing objects. Using a Merge Policy of MergeNonBackAdjusted will keep the previous contracts prices the same, keeping the drawing object's placement with the bars."

    My expectation was therefore to find my horizontal lines (shifted) on the updated charts for ES 06-2017 - but they came up empty. The lines do still exist if I switch back manually to ES 03-2017, but they are invisible on ES 06-2017.

    Can you explain what the true intention of "your drawing objects will be kept at the same price level they were originally placed" or the whole new rollover-process finally is - if not for maintaining and KEEPING current drawing objects active (and in proper position) when rolling over? I just don't get it...

    i am also facing this problem,....can anyone help me in this problem getting solved asap


      I can reproduce this on my end. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      This appears to be contingent on the 'attach to: all charts' property. A work-around for now is to switch the 'attach to' back to only the single chart. Upon rollover, the object still exists in the chart.

      I will forward this to the Development Team and follow up when I have more information.
      Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


        Hi Patrick

        The lines had been attached to "ES 03-2017 (all charts)".
        The only place they now exist is on the "ES 03-2017" instrument - there are no lines to adjust on the "ES 06-2017", since they were not forwarded. Therefore it's impossible to flip anything from "all charts" to "this chart" on the "ES 06-2017" instrument.

        Would you please provide instructions about how to apply your "workaround"? Adjusting all lines on the 03-contract to "this chart only", and then what? Try to re-apply the rollover in database management? Don't think I can do this twice, can I?


          We are tracking this internally as NTEIGHT-11479.

          It does not matter if the particular window has been 'rolled over' already. The rollover tool will work on any windows which contain an expiry which is not the current front month.

          Here are the work-around steps:
          • Change your chart to ES 03-17
          • (you may need to change to daily interval or increase your 'days to load' to see data)
          • Double left-click on the drawing object
          • Change the 'attach to' property to not contain '(all charts)'
          • OK
          • Rollover manually or using the database tool
          Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


            Thanks a lot, works as described. Although the lines on the new contract-month are not exactly accurate to the tick, they're still close enough positioned to adjust them easily to where they belong. Cool!


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