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Incorrect ATM Stop Limit Offset Price

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    Incorrect ATM Stop Limit Offset Price


    Please see the following screenshots attached alongside the (A) (B) (C) (D)

    I have set Stop limits (rather than Stop Market) to be used via SuperDOM -> Properties -> untick 'middle mouse button is stop market'

    (A) I then set the pre-defined stop limit offset to to be used, and set it at 0.

    (B) When submitted an order via the Super-DOM manually, the order is submitted correctly (stop price and limit price are the same, as the stop limit offset is set to 0).

    (C) I then check in my ATM strategy that stop-limits are to be used.

    (D) When the order is submitted via the ATM strategy, the limit offset is incorrectly set as 20 ticks.

    What have I missed here to cause this? How do I adjust stop-limits sent by the ATM strategy to be the same?

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    Hello ctgry8,

    The option 'Middle mouse button is stop market' is not related to Atm Strategies at all.
    This option is to 'Sets if the middle mouse (scroll wheel) button is stop-market (stop-limit by default)' when placing an entry order. This does not affect Atm Strategies.

    NinjaTrader 8 automatically uses Stop Market orders for the Stop Loss in an Atm Strategy.

    Please send an email to platformsupport [at] ninjatrader [dot] com so that we may review your log and trace files. In the email please include a link to this forum thread.
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      I've already just sent my log and trace files for a separate issue. I can send them again if you need however just to clarify:

      I understand that Stop Market orders are used by the ATM as default, but as I showed in screenshot (C) - I have ticked "stop limit for stop loss".

      We can see in screenshot (D) that it's submitting a stop limit order, however the payup is set to 20 ticks (stop price 50.57, limit 50.37).

      Is there somewhere else I amend this 20 tick variable to something different, [instead of via the SuperDOM Properties, which I did in screenshot (A)]?


        Thank you for your reply,

        No, ATM Strategies use a 20-tick offset which cannot be changed.

        As a work-around, you can submit your own Stop Limit Order and adjust this manually instead.
        Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thanks Eric - can this be submitted as a development request please. 20 ticks is quite arbitrary and it would be useful to be able to change to this.



            Thanks for the suggestion. I have submitted this feature request to the Development Team.
            Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Originally posted by NinjaTrader_PatrickG View Post
              Thanks for the suggestion. I have submitted this feature request to the Development Team.
              Dear Ninjatrader Team,

              is there any new status about this matter?
              The NT internal and not changeable offset of 20 (huge) ticks for ATM stop limit orders makes that feature not useful!

              There is a Chart Trader setting "Predefined stop limit offset & offset value", why not for ATM?

              Many Thanks
              Best Regards


                The tracking number for this feature request is SFT-1382. I have no other update at this time. I'll add your vote, tulx2305.

                The stop loss is hard-coded to 20 ticks to prevent stop loss order rejections during a fast moving market.

                The only other current alternative would be to use Stop Market orders or create an automated strategy which submitted stop loss orders as you desire.
                Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Hello PatrickG,

                  thanks for reply.

                  You wrote the offset value is hard-coded to prevent order rejections in fast moving markets.

                  From my point of view and that's a basic thing for me.
                  Only the Trader must decide such things and not the platform. Only he knows the market and its condition, it's his responsibility to enter the market appropriately.

                  ATM stop limits needs a own changeable offset or at least it uses the Chart Trader / DOM offset settings. That would make the feature more complete otherwise stop limit is nearly the same as a stop market order.

                  Last edited by tulx2305; 05-01-2018, 09:11 AM.


                    Another vote for this improvement request.


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