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Ninja trader development

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    Ninja trader development

    question related to development...
    I have Created new startegy and indicator After that i created the new chart from the ninja control centre the chart window is showing blank .......how do i resolve this... and is it need to create the new chart under the workspace.......

    Hello [email protected],

    I've moved your thread as this appears to be an inquiry about connecting to a data feed and loading a chart and not a question specific to programming NinjaScript or C#.

    Real-time and historical data will come from your connected broker or subscribed data feed (such as a paid subscription to Kinetick as the Kinetick End of Day (Free) connection does not provide real-time data and does not provide intra-day historical data or a funded brokerage account).

    Your username and password will be emailed from the brokerage to your email once your funds have been deposited in your account and your funded brokerage account is ready to trade.

    A subscribed data feed such as Kinetick would also provide you a username and password through email once you have purchased your subscription.

    Once the account connection is setup, connect to this by clicking File -> Connect -> and the name of the connection.

    Below is a link to a video that demonstrates.

    Below is a link to the NinjaTrader 8 help guide on Data by provider which shows the supported connection technologies and the types of data these connections support.

    Also here is a publicly available link to a list of the supported brokers with the NinjaTrader Platform.

    Last, here is a link to our Connections Guide which will have instructions to setup the provider in NinjaTrader (scroll to the bottom).

    If you do not have a funded brokerage account or a paid subscription to a data feed, the NinjaTrader Brokerage does offer a free 14-day demo that provides real-time and historical future data from the live market using the NinjaTrader Continuum connection and 30-day demo that provides real-time and historical forex data from the live market using the NinjaTrader FXCM connection.

    When downloading NinjaTrader if you have clicked yes to live future data and filled out the form with your email address, a username and password will be auto-generated (by an automated system) and emailed to you from the email address [email protected].

    Below I am including a link to the connection guide with steps to enter this username and password into NinjaTrader. (Be sure to check the Demo box)

    You may apply for two 14-day demos in a 90 day period. On the 3rd request within 90 days, an email will be generated that lets you know you have exceeded the demo allowance.

    If you have not signed up for the demo, or would like to apply for a second, you may do so from the link below.

    For a FXCM demo providing forex data, follow the same link to the demo signup page.
    Select Forex as the Asset class.

    Below I am providing a link to the connection guide for NinjaTrader FXCM.

    Your chart will need to be an instrument supported by the provider you are connected to and if the instrument is a future an expiry will need to be loaded with the proper front month.

    Just for further information, the License Key used with NinjaTrader (either a purchased Leased License, purchased Lifetime License, Free license, or Simulation License) does not provide a connection to supply real-time or historical intra-day data and does not create a brokerage account.

    This Simulation License Key included with NinjaTrader allows you to use the Core Essentials features and Trader+ features in NinjaTrader and allows you to create connection to any supported brokerage or data provider for data but does not allow for live trading.

    The Simulation License key does not expire.

    A purchased Leased licence also provides Core Essentials features and Trader+ features but also allows for live trading.
    The Lifetime license also allows for live trading and provides all features (Core Essentials features, Trader+) and also includes the premium Order Flow+ suite of indicators.
    Below I am providing public links to the information pages about licenses.


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    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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