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Status of SFT-1536 (configurable chart update Interval) ?

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    Status of SFT-1536 (configurable chart update Interval) ?


    I would like to inquire about how SFT-1536 is going to be handled, please.

    The topic has been discussed here http://ww.ninjatrader.com/support/fo...d.php?p=475521 previously, with users stating their need to have faster chart updates than 250 ms.

    Thank you,

    Hello gurko,

    Thank you for your post,

    This feature is currently being tracked internally for future feature consideration. Feel free to have other users comment on that post so we can continue to track interest. If implemented, it will list in the help guide release notes.


    Let us know if we may assist further,
    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Eric,

      thank you for your response. I very much appreciate the work you do in listening to customers and keeping all the issues and requests organized. Would you please add my vote to this request?

      Since the SFT-1536 thread is already in the NT8 beta archive, please let me continue this here (text ahead is long, because this is important to me):

      I need a configurable chart update interval in NT8, or at least a faster fixed update frequency. Even if it has to be a fixed value, 100ms would probably stop me from complaining. 50ms and you would hear me say "now we're almost watching video, I'm fine".

      Let me make the case again from my perspective:

      1. I am judging the activities of other market participants from the chart. The FDAX is a rather lively beast, the market can easily move multiple points (1 tick = 0.5 points) within 1 second. Some actions happen rather fast, e.g. position reductions being taken up immediately, resulting in a characteristic sub-second candle movement. If I miss these movements due to a slow chart update frequency, my ability to perceive the relevant activities is hindered.

      2. The SuperDOM on the other hand seems to update whenever a tick comes in (or at least much faster than the chart). I can often clearly see the chart lagging behing the DOM. This creates a "visual hiccup" that haunts me all day.

      3. Psychologically speaking, the pure fact that my chart display is slow, creates an uneasy/unsettling feeling. This is regardless of whether a chart lag actually and in fact influences my trading results or not.

      4. There is professional trading software (e.g. X_TRADER or the TT platform) that makes a point of delivering a chart update asap after a tick comes in, i.e. "visually immediately", for the very reasons detailed above. As it currently is, NT8 compares unfavorably to such software.

      5. I understand chart update frequency may have performance implications. I do not use any indicators on my charts (except for volume). Therefore I guess I may be totally unaffected by performance issues, even if the charts would update 50 times a second.

      6. Note my request applies to chart updates, not indicator updates. I would be perfectly happy if indicators visually updated at a slower pace, if only the primary chart (the bars) could go full speed.

      Thank you for giving consideration. In case you need more details on my use case, please drop me a note.

      Note: I now also understand that this feature request is related to my earlier request SFT-2099 (http://ww.ninjatrader.com/support/fo...ad.php?t=98181). Maybe cross-reference that?

      Kind regards,


        Thanks for the feedback, Gurko. I have forwarded this to the Development Team.
        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Any update on this?



            Hello pezza3452,

            Thank you for your post,

            We are still tracking interest in this feature. There is no additional information at this time.

            Thank you for your use of NinjaTrader, let us know if we may assist further.
            Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Any news?

              My chart display update interval in NinjaTrader 7 is set the fastest (0.1). My understanding is that the fastest in NT 8 is 0.25. Is that correct? I won't "upgrade" to NT 8 (because it would be a downgrade in this area) until this changes. Any movement on this in development? I need my charts to update as least as fast as NT 7 not slower.


                Thank you for your reply.

                There has not been any change made to this feature. To clarify, at this time, we are tracking interest for future feature consideration.

                If implemented or changed, this ID will list in the help guide release notes.


                Let us know if we may assist further
                Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  I would like to add my two cents into this thread and request that the refresh rate be manually set by the user. This seems to be a down grade for existing users. Are you deliberately trying to dumb down your user base?


                    Hello divr,

                    Thank you for your post, your feedback has been tracked.
                    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                      I too wish to vote for this feature.

                      Like some others have mentioned before, competitor products update charts quicker.
                      The new Footprint charts and order flow features really need to update the chart on each tick so that users can move from using the Dome to these chart based tools and see the true pace of order flow.

                      Without the chart update frequency being configurable or comparable with the Dome then I have to wonder what users will think. My guess is simply stick with the fast update Dome as anything else is inferior.

                      I would think that fast chart updates (especially volumetric and tick) would be something worth shouting about in marketing info.


                        Thanks for the feedback, MBScalper. I added your vote.
                        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                          In these days of fast market we saw NT8 in difficulites to elaborate incoming ticks losing sync between charts and DOM

                          Huge amount of ticks go in queue and evident delay appears

                          Could this "Display update interval" help to manage this queue? Many indicators are set to "calculate on price change" but this could be a problem in extreme volatiliy moments and so to limit calculation on price change AND updata interval could help, I think


                            It would depend on where the root of the 'losing sync' issue lies. Is the root of the issue a backup in data processing? Or is the root of the issue a backup in data rendering?

                            These are rhetorical questions, but are meant to demonstrate that there isn't a 'one size fits all' solution for every single case. A feature to reduce the display repainting may not have any effect. However the idea is one that our development team is discussing internally.

                            With that said, I'll add you vote to the current feature request.
                            Last edited by NinjaTrader_PatrickG; 02-28-2018, 02:41 PM.
                            Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                              Originally posted by NinjaTrader_PatrickG View Post
                              With that said, I'll add you vote to the current feature request.
                              thanks, I still believe it could be a good workaround to solve the "tick queue" issue till a major improvement in Ninja will arrive. It's like to throttle calculation every 0.n seconds instead of any tick or any price change that in fast market could mean TOO MUCH calculations per seconds.

                              A major release of Ninja will take a lot of time, this temporary solution could be released in a short time

                              I hope it helps


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