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How do I use a single ATM for all FA sub-accounts?

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    How do I use a single ATM for all FA sub-accounts?

    NT Platform version: 64-bit with a Multi-broker platform license.

    Broker: Interactive Brokers

    What I'm looking for is a way for NT to somehow use my active ATM (selected in the drop-down) from the SuperDOM, with my Interactive Brokers FA account selected, and clone that ATM across all the sub-accounts (agnostic to order quantity) when I place an order with the FA account. [I don't think this is possible yet, but it would be an amazing feature for Advisors.]

    I'm glad NT added support for FA accounts and lets the linked brokerage (Interactive Brokers) handle allocation, but will there eventually be a way to tie/link the ATM to the order for Interactive Brokers' API to understand and proportionally replicate across all sub-accounts?

    Interactive Brokers TWS has Order presets that can be tailored per instrument and made active -- and Order preset configurations appear to natively support everything the NT ATMs would be capable of doing -- so perhaps there's a way for NT to set an Order preset, make it active, and tie it to orders placed in the SuperDOM... there's got to be some way to manage trades across several sub-accounts through the NT platform [at least eventually].

    On that note, does anyone know of a workaround or way to set the ATM for multiple sub-accounts without opening a window and SuperDOM for each account? Is there a developer add-on or NinjaScript that is capable of reliably setting the ATM for sub-accounts on trades placed by the FA account?

    Hello afcmaff,

    NinjaTrader only allows you to place orders directly to the sub accounts and does not support placing orders to the master account.

    You would need to achieve this by creating a custom coded addon that places orders to each sub account.

    I will submit a feature request on your behalf for the NinjaTrader Development to consider allowing functionality placing orders to a master account with Financial Adviser accounts in Interactive Brokers.
    Once I have a tracking ID for this request I will post in this thread for future reference.
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Chelsea B.,

      Thanks for your quick response. I was under the impression you could submit orders to the master account - in fact, I've submitted orders to the master account and they are sent to Interactive Brokers properly. Interactive Brokers (IB) then sets the allocation on their end to all sub-accounts.

      I essentially want to know if the same functionality works with the ATMs - it seems plausible, but I don't know if it's implemented.

      Disclaimer - I have not attempted to have an order 'filled' through the Master account - only submitted - and I see that orders are received by IB and allocated correctly when submitted through the Master account in NT8's SuperDOM. I just don't want to, nor would I, test ATM execution on a live account to see if the "ATMs" are properly executed on the IB end for each sub-account.

      Can you clarify if ATM functionality is fully intact for "filled" orders submitted through the Master account?

      Thanks again.


        Hello afcmaff,

        The issue is that the order is placed to the master account but then executions happen on the sub accounts. NinjaTrader sees those executions on the sub accounts as external orders as they are unexpected. This means its not possible to use an Atm Strategy or run a NinjaScript Strategy on a master account.

        Below is link to a forum post where our support lead has detailed what is supported with FA accounts.
        Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thanks Chelsea B.,

          As far as the post, I did see that and replied earlier in post #9. So it appears that currently, NT8 doesn’t have a capability to submit the active ATM with the order as a bracket (profit-taker + adjustable/trailing stop-loss) order to IB.

          You mentioned NT will see the orders as external, does this mean they are visible on the charts? Or, as I’m assuming, are ‘externally [IB] executed orders’ invisible in NT even when IB is connected?

          Nevertheless, hopefully full functionality for FA master accounts is implemented soon; this would be a monumental improvement to the platform. Do you have the ticket number for the feature request you submitted?



            Hello afcmaff,

            I was incorrect on this. The execution does appear to occur with order on the master account, but the instrument update occurs on the sub accounts. However, the issue is the same.

            I have received tracking ID# SFT-3780 for this request to support Atm Strategies and NinjaScript Strategies with the master FA account.

            Please note it is up to the NinjaTrader Development to decide if or when any request will be implemented.

            We appreciate your feedback on this.
            Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Thanks Chelsea! That clears things up.

              Hopefully the NT Developers/Engineers take this one up - I know a lot of Advisors that would love [and need] this functionality.

              Appreciate your time!


                As posted in the other post already thats exeactly the functionality I am looking for ... so I am posting here to show that many people need that functionality


                  1000% ^ this. This is critical functionality. Looking more at IB TWS, their allocation algorithm automatically sorts bunched orders... so if NT8 can already submit entry orders to an FA account, and TWS already properly allocates that order, why couldn’t NT8 just run the ATM locally and submit the triggered order (according to the real-time price action). Or another method (with more processing) would be to again track the ATM locally in NT8 platform and submit several CFOs to update the brackets with adjusted stops, etc. NT8 doesn’t have to worry about tracking order quantity for sub-accounts, just the original quantity from entry, because TWS will handle allocation and receive the order quantity in total and automatically allocate as a bunched order to the exchange.


                    Please add my vote to ID# SFT-3780


                      Hello GLFX005 ,

                      Thank you for your voice on this.

                      I have submitted your vote on SFT-3780 as well.
                      Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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