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NT8 Strategy Error "The OCO ID 'xxxxx' cannot be reused. Please use new OCO ID."

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    NT8 Strategy Error "The OCO ID 'xxxxx' cannot be reused. Please use new OCO ID."

    Hello Support,

    The strategy submits Market Orders using OCO for Profit Target and Stoploss. The strategy uses Managed Approach with SetProfitTarget and SetStoploss methods.

    I've never had to care about the OCO ID of any Strategy generated order ?

    What can I code into the strategy that will ensure a Unique OCO ID ?

    Thank you

    Hello rayko,

    Thanks for your post.

    What version of NT8 are you using? (Look under Help>About)

    Is this a strategy builder strategy or a Ninjascript based strategy?

    Does this occur on every order or occasionally?

    Please post a simplified version of your strategy that demonstrates the issue so we may test.

    Alternatively, please write into PlatformSupport[at]NinjaTradaer[dot]Com, mark the e-mail Atten: Paul and include a link to this thread.
    Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      The Version is

      The strategy started out as builder strategy that I later released so I could customize it.

      The error occurs occasionally.

      I'll try to create something for you, however it would really help if you could tell me what NT8 is using to derive the OCO ID.

      Is it OrderName and is there a limit on the string length ?

      For example for OCO ID to be unique the ordername must be less than 30 characters and cannot include $#%& (special charactors) or something.... (I'm just spit balling as to why...)

      Please let me know.


        Hello rayco,

        Thanks for your reply.

        For example of OCO ids, you can check the "Orders" tab of the control center under the OCO column. (If no information you can place a couple of orders in SIM101 with an ATM to see what is generated).

        I do not know what the string length limit is and will inquire further.

        I would not use special characters but I have no information advising that specifically and have not tested this.

        A colleague has advised you could use System.Guid.NewGuid() to generate a unique OCO-ID string

        Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          This is an NT8 bug. You get the same error message when trading manually off the chart trader. OCOs worked fine in NT7.


            Hello JohnFortune,

            Thanks for your first post.

            Regarding, "You get the same error message when trading manually off the chart trader." That would be true if you did not turn of the OCO after creating the order (Same as NT7). The NT8 help guide very explicitly advises, "Warning: After placing two orders within the same OCO group, it is important to disable OCO functionality before submitting any other orders. If you wish to place another set of OCO orders immediately after placing an initial set, first disable, then re-enable OCO before placing the second set of orders. This will generate a new OCO ID, rather than adding the new orders to an existing OCO group." Found in the section, " Understanding "One Cancels Other" (OCO) orders" on this page: https://ninjatrader.com/support/help...ng_orders4.htm

            If you wish to report a bug, please provide the specific steps and circumstances to recreate and we will be glad to investigate. We will also need to know what specific version of NinjaTrader8 you are using (found under Help>About).

            Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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