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Working with different dataseries

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    Working with different dataseries


    Im working with different dataseries in NT7 and now when transcribing to NT8 there appear questions (that should not be honestly) and so I have now one accurate question please:

    when a script-strategy with COBCtrue is enabled eg in a 1000 Tick Chart and added dataseries1 is 5 Range and the entrycondition of the 5 Range dataseries is filled and the 5 Range bar is closed, but the 1000 TickChart is not closed yet, is then an entry? Or do we need also the dataseries0 to be closed?

    Example: when a simple conditon would be if (Closes[0][0]<Opens[0][0]) || Closes[1][0] < Opens[1][0]) then entryshort...
    and Closes[1][0] < Opens[1][0] already true but Closes[0][0]<Opens[0][0] is not true from existing and closed bars (but need not to be true because of "OR(||)") is the entry filled as soon as Closes[1][0] < Opens[1][0] is closed and true or only with "next close" of dataseries[0].

    When I run charts side by side in my opinion the entry is only with close of dataseries0 it seems. If so then one would need to run the script COBCfalse or having conditions of datasreies1 in a seperate script, no? Or is another solution please?

    Im confused now about this.

    Thank you!
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    Hello tonynt,

    Thank you for the post.

    When converting syntax from NT7 to NT8 you will be presented with differences so I would expect that you will encounter some differences or questions surrounding your code, this is normal as a lot has been changed. You can find a list of changes in the code-breaking changes guide which can assist: https://ninjatrader.com/support/help...ng_changes.htm

    Regarding your example you provided, there are not enough details provided for me to accurately answer this question. From what I can gather it sounds like the answer will potentially be yes there will be an entry, however, this is a good question for you to just test in both platforms to observe what the outcome was. Is this what you are currently doing and seeing a difference in results or is this a theoretical question?

    If this something you are currently seeing when comparing your scripts can you instead provide a specific syntax example that demonstrates the difference you are seeing clearly? As an example, creating a test script in NT7 that submits an order once in the way you are asking about and allows it to fill, then doing the same test in NT8. If this type of test produces a difference you could attach both test scripts along with the details about the observation you made and steps to see the difference. We could further address the question with all variables present at that point. If this was otherwise just a question about what could happen, I would suggest to just test that situation on your end and observe the outcome to know what the result was.

    Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.
    JesseNinjaTrader Customer Service


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