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Strategy Builder Default Properties questions

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    Strategy Builder Default Properties questions

    I am trying to learn strategy builder and finding the help files somewhat lacking. I have two questions on Default Properties:

    1) Entry Handling. The Help file says: "Sets the manner in which entry orders are handled. If set to "AllEntries", the strategy will process all entry orders until the maximum allowable entries set by the "Entries per direction" property have been reached while in an open position."

    So lets say I have a strategy that opens a single contract position each time it identifies a trade signal. I assume the text above means that if I have "Entries per direction" set to 3, my strategy will open a maximum of 3 contracts, opening 1 contract each time it identifies a long trigger (assuming the strategy has not encountered an exit signal). Is that correct?

    If so, then I have no idea what this text from the help file means: "If set to "UniqueEntries", the strategy will process entry orders until the maximum allowable entries set by the "Entries per direction" property per each uniquely named entry have been reached." What is a "uniquely named entry"? How does an entry get "named"?

    The order management options in strategy builder are pretty basic: Open Long/Short; Exit Long/Short with a few variants for limit and stop orders. When and why would I want this set to "UniqueEntries"?

    2) Stops and Targets: The hep file describes this setting as " Sets how stop and target orders are submitted". That is incredibly vague. The menu allows two choices: "By strategy definition" and "By entry execution". Is there a detailed description somewhere of how these two settings affect stetting stops and targets? How are they different? When might I want to use one setting versus the other?

    Are there resources somewhere that fully explain (with examples) ALL the different menu, items, parameters and settings in Strategy builder?


    Hello ralett,

    Thank you for your post.

    Yes, if you have entries per direction set to 3, the strategy will enter up to three times in the same direction before stopping.

    Unique entries would be used if your entries and exits are using Signal Names to differentiate them from each other. Sometimes this is just done so visually on the chart you know which order was triggered if you've got several different entry methods you're using for different scenarios. It can also be used to only exit for a specific entry.

    You can find further information about Signal Names in the help guide here:


    As far as Stop and Target handling, there is further information in the NinjaScript Documentation:
    StopTargetHandling.ByStrategyPosition Stop and Target order quantities will match the current strategy position. (Stops and targets may result in "stacked" orders on partial fills)
    StopTargetHandling.PerEntryExecution Stop and Target orders will match the total entry execution. (Stops and targets order quantities may not match strategy position under a partial fill scenario)
    Basically, with Per Entry Execution, in the case of a partial fill separate stops and targets will be submitted separately for each partial fill, whereas with By Strategy Position, the stops and targets will be modified instead.

    You can find more here:

    I'd suggest checking in the NinjaScript section of the help guide, as pretty much everything in the Builder will be covered in more detail. We're always happy to answer questions you may have as well.

    Please let us know if we may be of further assistance to you.
    Kate W.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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