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Understanding Trading Renko or Brick Size base Bar

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    Understanding Trading Renko or Brick Size base Bar

    I would like to get some feed back from other traders using like bar types

    I have increasingly had issues with real time testing and trading of strategies running onpricechange so intrabar ticks triggering stops / exits that are references the Open or close of previous bars 1 bar ago

    What I have discovered and believe to be the issue

    If Strategy is loaded directly on the chart and the chart DataSeries is set to Load Bars of data and NOT days of data

    The Stops / Exits referencing the prior closed bar work correctly. But when loading Strategies from the Control Panel there is not option to load Data by number of bars, so you are forced to load by number of days. Therefore the starting point of the bars is different than the chart and the bars are forming slightly different price levels. Thus causing the Stops / Exits to trigger when they should not.

    When setting up strategies on multiple instruments the need to open charts for every instrument is resource intensive.

    Would like to know if others are experiencing similar issues


    Hello DTSSTS, thanks for your question.

    Unless the calculations depend on every single historical bar every single time the conditions are checked, I don't see how loading days vs bar would affect the real-time data. For example, if I add an SMA with 14 periods, that SMA will be the same value as long as there is enough data to calculate at least one 14 period. We have already tracked the feature request to add a Bars to Load option in the Strategy tab, ID# SFT-2875.

    Maybe I can help with the problems you are seeing with your strategy. If you have already described the issue in previous posts please link them here. If not, I will be happy to take a look at a specific problem.

    Kind regards.
    Chris L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      That is just it, They are dependent on bar patterns so the are dependent on every single bar. I actually have another post about a very late trade and just discovered it is caused by the bars being different as well. So some entry signals as well.

      A great example would be a pattern in an up trend of green bars and you are looking for a RED bar in the middle of the green bars. This is very strong trade of a RED bar ignored. On a chart of bars to load you would have the RED bar but on Days to load you might not.

      I have been back testing and real time testing and come to Know that the pattern conditions are correct but the real time end result is not UNLESS you open your 30 symbol instrument list on 30 charts and then apply the strategy.

      This issue should be addressed. I have requested recently and 2 times over a year ago



        Hi DTSSTS, thanks for your reply.

        From the example you gave, would the red bar be missing because there was not enough data loaded? I can not think of a case where the data at the beginning of the chart would affect the formation of subsequent bars. Do you have a reduced test script I could test out that demonstrates the issue?

        I look forward to hearing from you.
        Chris L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          You would not have the correct bar to test on but here is an image of 2 charts


          they look the same left chart is loaded on 9 Days Right chart is loaded 400 bars

          in the Circled area the bars look the same but they are not

          Take the 3 bars in the circle, 1st left of entry bar, then entry bar, then the next bar is the exit bar, THERE should not have been an exit based on the conditions reading the Open, High and Low of the previous bars


          FIRST BAR OPEN PRICE 10571.25

          SECOND BAR entry bar 10574.00

          THIRD BAR exit bar 10576.75


          FIRST BAR OPEN PRICE 10570.50

          SECOND BAR entry bar 10573.00

          THIRD BAR exit bar 10575.75


            Hello DTSSTS, thanks for your reply.

            I will have to assume the issue is coming from the bar type being used. If this is a free bar type that I can try out, please link this to me. We should also test if you get the problem with the standard Renko bar.

            I look forward to assisting.
            Chris L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Thanks for the offer. The difference is because of the Start of all the bars plotted. You can test that on a standard renko and should find the same open vs open differences
              The Bar Type is Not free.
              Cannot test against a standard renko as my bar type can have wicks.

              Loading Number of bars in the Control Panel woulld keep the strategy signals/triggers in sync with the charts of instruments and would eliminate the need for having so many tick driven charts open



                Hello, Thanks for your reply.

                I am sorry, but I am getting exactly the same bars here on the Renko chart. Did you try a Renko and see if you can find differences in price for each bar?

                Chris L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  NO but i do not use them, I am really only worried about the differences in my charts. I will just load all my strategies on individual charts until ninja goes to a little trouble to add that as an option in the Control Center

                  Guess is Kinda of like change the number of characters allow in a Share Message to StockTwits, You guys have 1 edit in the code to fix that to a larger limit, been 18 months and nobody bothers to fix that little item that takes less than 1 minute to fix. ASK for that over a year ago as well

                  Thanks for the attention and input. Just consider this OK for now. Thanks Again
                  Last edited by DTSSTS; 07-17-2020, 12:29 PM.


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