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What is the recommended way to monitor the performance the performance of a strategy?

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    What is the recommended way to monitor the performance the performance of a strategy?

    Sorry for the typo in the title of of the post, it should read:

    What is the recommended way to monitor the performance of a strategy? (apparently I cannot edit the Post title to correct it).

    I recently open a NT account and previously was using eSignal. The process was find a system that performed well on a back test and then run the system real time, processing live market data.

    eSignal had a Paper Trading account capability similar to the SIM101 account in NT. Once satisfied with a back test the a chart would be opened with the Strategy and assigned to the DEMO account. Any number of Charts with different symbols "could be open with the Strategy loaded all assigned to the DEMO account.

    Say four different charts with unique symbols all with the strategy loaded and active and assigned to the DEMO account.

    The orders would be taken and displayed on the chart when a position was opened and a running running Profit and Loss was displayed while the positions as open and a running P and L for that symbol was maintained for each trade taken on that symbol. The Account manager was used to display the status of the each demo account, running P and L , trade logs, order logs etc.,

    The Account Manager would maintain the current trade, order, P and L information until it was manually reset. At the end of a week for example every trade for each symbol would be maintained in the account manager for review as if it were an actual account.

    There was also no capability to have a system running without the chart being open, the system loaded, and the chart connected to the DEMO account.

    I have a few systems that back tested well and running them some with the charts open and other without the charts being opened.

    I've loaded up a few strategies and really not clear what is going on. I see the running P&L for a specific position but when the position is closed out the P and L get set to zero and it appears that going from one day to the next and the Gross Realized seems to be Zeroes in the Account Tab.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as I'm looking to validate that the results that I'm getting for historical bar back testing are close to the results in real time. What is the best way to do the validation of the results?

    Thank you,

    [email protected]
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    Hello demarcog,

    Writing the values for the conditions to the output window or to a text file can let you know what is different.

    Adding intra-bar granularity for backtests can improve the accuracy of order fills.

    Below is a link to a forum post that goes over both.
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Cheslea B,

      Thank you very much for the suggestion and helpful link I appreciate it.

      On a related question, once I back test and an satisfied with the results and want to monitor trades it in real time what is the suggested way to accomplish this?

      I'm a bit confused as I see trades generated and a profit and loss while the trade is open, but once the trade is closed the PnL in the Chart Trader window is reset to zero.

      I'm a bit confused as to a suggested way to monitor the PnL of an automated strategy across many trades and several days of real time generated trades?

      I'm familiar with running a back test, and running the strategy in replay mode but not sure how to monitor an automated strategy real time over several days.

      Thank you.



        Hello Glen,

        Historical orders will not affect an accounts PnL, however real-time trades would.

        Do you have 'Show gross realized PnL when flat' checked and enabled for chart trader on that chart?

        View PnL, Orders, Trades, etc in the Strategy Performance window.
        Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Hi Chelsea,

          I do not have the box checked. If I'm looking to track PnL for the symbol across trades I would need to check that box.

          Thank you very much that was what was confusing me.



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