Hello everyone,

It is not possible to find fromEntrySignal in the Trade collection methods and properties in the help guide.
Neither in the TradePerformance page.
But we can see in the TradePerformance window or the analyzer, the signal names of the orders.

Then, how would someone compare the performance of two specific orders, with different signal names, in the same time ?
By same time, we mean either during one single historical backtest, or a single day of real time : in one single click operation.

example problem :
We have orderAEntry, orderBEntry in a Advanced Order Handling strategy.
When filled, orders have their exits submitted, these would respectively be : orderAstop, orderAtarget, orderBstop and orderBtarget.

How to print() a statistical value for each separate orders ?
Is SystemPerformance collection able to help us do such a thing ?