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Strategy to find highest high and lowest low of specified time range.

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    Strategy to find highest high and lowest low of specified time range.

    Details of strategy assistance.
    1. User defines a TIME range (i.e. 9:30AM-10:30AM Eastern to plot the first hour of US market)
    2. Strategy finds the Highest High and the Lowest Low within this specified time range.
    3. Strategy goes Long crossing over the Highest High, and Short crossing under the Lowest Low
    4. If a trade was taken Long, there is no other Long taken, but can still take a Short.
    5. If a trade was taken Short, there is no other Short taken, but can still take a Long.
    (I have code sample that provides help with 4 and 5)
    6. I already have the code for profit target and stop loss.

    I DO NOT want to count candles. I want this to be TIME based so if I chose the first hour of the day, it doesn't matter which chart timeframe I am on. This means it will also work on non-time-based charts since it will be monitoring clock time, not candle time.

    A wonderful example is in this indicator post, response #4.

    I'm willing to work with you and pay for this work.
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    Last edited by robertcooney; 01-16-2022, 06:40 PM.

    Hello robertcooney,

    Below is a link to an example of this.

    Unfortunately, in the support department at NinjaTrader it is against our policy to create, debug, or modify, code or logic for our clients. Further, we do not provide C# programming education services or one on one educational support in our NinjaScript Support department. This is so that we can maintain a high level of service for all of our clients as well as our associates.

    That said, through email we are happy to answer any questions you may have about NinjaScript if you decide to code this yourself. We are also happy to assist with finding resources in our help guide as well as simple examples, and we are happy to assist with guiding you through the debugging process to assist you with understanding unexpected behavior.

    You can also contact a professional NinjaScript Consultant who would be eager to create or modify this script at your request or assist you with your script. The NinjaTrader Ecosystem has affiliate contacts who provide educational as well as consulting services. Please let me know if you would like our NinjaTrader Ecosystem team follow up with you with a list of affiliate consultants who would be happy to create this script or any others at your request or provide one on one educational services.
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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