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Drawing tools

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    Drawing tools

    Would it be possible for the development team to make it so the drawing tools drop down menu could be placed as a sidebar (if desired) with just the icons rather than having to install an add-on?

    Hello rafleischman,
    Thanks for your post and for the suggestion.

    I believe this is already an active feature request. I will have your vote submitted to the Development Team. I will follow up with an internal tracking number for your reference as soon as I confirm the vote is added.
    JoshNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Here is what you may be looking for....free too....


      Quick Drawing adds a toolbar consisting of all NinjaTrader drawing tools, helping you draw objects quickly with just a single click.

      Key features:

      List NinjaTrader drawing tools in a new separate toolbar
      Let you specify the toolbar’s orientation (vertical or horizontal)
      Let you choose which drawing tools to be displayed in the toolbar
      Colorize icons with your favorite color NT8 only
      Be tab-independent (attached to 1 chart tab, but available for use on any tabs)



        Thanks Alfred, but that is the add-on I was using. It does not work now after this new update.



          Thanks for your patience.

          The internal tracking number for your feature request is SFT-819. Please reference this internal tracking number if you ever have questions regarding this feature request.

          When a feature request is implemented, you'll find it in the release notes:

          JoshNinjaTrader Customer Service


            Hi...here are several more toolbar options....


            Shortcut Toolbar By NinjaAddons.com
            .....this one will install on side of chart....

            The shortcut toolbar was developed in NT7 and this version is the equivalent for NT8.
            However, instead of doing it in an indicator script, this time it is an add‐on script. This means that once installed, it loads automatically on every chart window you open. No need to add the toolbar on the chart anymore.
            The code is open source and contributors are welcome to enhance it. Snap Mode is not handled as well as stay in draw mode button.


            A Mahtoolbar
            ....this one looks good, but is at top of chart...

            This revision adds one-click icons for the NinjaTrader Version new drawing tools Time Cycles, Polygon, and Order Flow Volume Profile.

            Note: The Volume Profile drawing tool icon works only with the NT lifetime license.

            Revised to include all of the NT8 drawing tools and more.

            The drawing objects and markers are programmed to show a limited toolbar set as before to prevent cluttering of the toolbar. However, If desired, one can check or un-check the items on the properties drop down menu to show all or whatever drawing tools of interest.

            The mahToolBar indicator is a selection of drawing object icons for a one-click drawing and installs in the NinjaTrader Main Toolbar to save chart space.

            This is a compilation of ideas and scripts from several people on this forum Including ChelseaB and Jessie - Thank you all.

            I have included my favorites objects. Individual draw objects are selectable and the user can choose any or all objects to include in the toolbar. One can certainly add, with minimal effort, as many objects from the draw object dictionary as one wishes.


              Thanks Alfred. Really looking for a side bar. The NinjaAddons toolbar works fine until I toggle the chart trader sidebar and then it really messes up my chart. Might have to stick with the bar at the top until the NT developers add this option to the platform.


                It appears that with this latest NT update to 16.3, the NinjaAddons toolbar is working fine as a sidebar. No issues with the chart trader side panel. Thanks guys. I like this toolbar on the side much better.


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