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NT needs Bitcoin trading

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  • NinjaTrader_Jim
    Hello hautdoge,

    The feature request for bitcoin trading has not been fulfilled. The development team has other tasks at this time, and we are still tracking demand.

    I have added your vote.

    Feature Request Disclaimer

    We receive many requests and cannot reasonably implement all requested features or changes. Interest is tracked internally and if enough interest is tracked, it would be weighed against how feasible it would be to make those changes to consider implementing.

    When new features are implemented, they will be listed in the Release Notes page of the Help Guide. The ID number will be different than the internal feature request tracking ID, but the description of the feature will let you know if that feature has been implemented.

    Release Notes -

    We look forward to assisting.

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  • hautdoge
    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I wanted to add another vote to crypto trading support on NT. I just learned today that this isn't supported, yet the Coinbase data feed exists. I don't really see much value in that, I was assuming order execution was working. I'd love to get a multi broker account to trade on coinbase (or any other exchange, I don't really care which) but will hold off for now. Has there been any progress on this?

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  • NinjaTrader_PatrickH
    Hello jasonw,

    Thank you for your response.

    The entire executive team is aware of this feature request.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  • jasonw
    Thank you for responding.

    Offering charting is all well and good but then Iím forced to enter my trades using order entry software through another broker which is totally inferior to the SuperDom.

    The entire purpose of my purchasing NinjaTrader was to enter trades using the SuperDom with ATM strategies. Charting is an afterthought.

    There are many Bitcoin exchanges NinjaTrader could partner with. And demand for crypto has been high for a long time.

    So I just donít understand why itís taking you guys so long to offer crypto trading. Itís seems like youííre really missing the boat.

    As a customer who feels NinjaTrader is the best trading platform there is, this is really frustrating for me.

    I want to use your software to place my Bitcoin trades with, not some clunky, third-tier junk.

    Thank you for listening to my concerns, and if possible I would like to hear Ray Deuxíís thoughts on this matter.


    Jason Wilson

    Last edited by jasonw; 12-19-2018, 11:46 AM.

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  • NinjaTrader_JoshG
    Hello Jason,
    Thanks for your post.

    Coinbase is offered as a complimentary data feed for charting and is not viewed as a "problem". The addition of Coinbase market data allows cryptocurrency traders to leverage NinjaTrader's award-winning charting and market analysis capabilities, including: advanced charting, using the Market Analyzer, experimenting with backtesting and optimization, as well as utilizing advanced alerts.

    There is demand for crypto trading support to be added, but I do not have any information on if or when that will be implemented.

    I will go ahead and have a vote added on your behalf to the feature request regarding the addition of cryptocurrency trading on the Coinbase adaptor. The internal tracking number for that feature request is SFT-2334. Please reference this internal tracking number if you ever have questions regarding this feature request.

    When a feature request is implemented, you'll find it in the release notes:

    Please let me know if we can be of further assistance.
    Last edited by NinjaTrader_Jim; 09-03-2020, 06:34 AM. Reason: Updated feature request ticket ID

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  • jasonw
    started a topic NT needs Bitcoin trading

    NT needs Bitcoin trading

    I recently upgraded to a multi-broker license and I noticed that Coinbase was now an available connection.

    As an avid Bitcoin trader, this really excited me. Now I would be able to use the Superdom and ATM for trades for executing crypto trades.

    Well lo and behold it turned out NTís Coinbase support only extended to historical charts which canít be traded at all.

    I am a trader, I bought Ninjatrader to make money which it goes without saying canít be done with untradeabke instruments.

    The question arises, why even offer a connection to Coinbase data when as traders who have have paid good money for your software (in my case Iíve spent over $1300) we canít even partiticipate?

    It boggles the mind. I purchased NinjaTrader to TRADE, not stare at worthless charts.

    When is this major problem going to be fixed and when as NinjaTrader customers can we expect to be able to participate in buying/selling cryptocurrencies through Coinbase or through another exchange?

    Jason Wilson

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