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Feature Request: Volumetric Bar Additions

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    Feature Request: Volumetric Bar Additions

    I would like to suggest the following four features for NT's implementation of volumetric bars:

    1) The option to plot statistics above/below a given bar and not just in a panel at the bottom of the chart. The attached image of MZPack's footprtint chart illustrates the concept.

    2) The ability to plot absorption of imbalance and not just imbalance itself.

    3) The option to set alerts based on volumetric data e.g. give alert if the imbalance % is greater than x.

    4) Adaptive coloring within the bar statistics matrix. Currently it can be quite difficult to read the figures, due to the array of background colors used, relative to a fixed text color on top of them.

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    I have submitted this as a feature request to the Development Team. The internal tracking number for your feature requests are:
    1. SFT-3595
    2. SFT-3666
    3. SFT-3147
    4. SFT-3294
    Please reference this internal tracking number if you ever have questions regarding this feature request.

    When a feature request is implemented, you'll find it in the release notes:
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      Add my Vote for the Unfinished auction feature! it would be great to have it extend a line from the bar too!


        _Zero_ can you clarify which of the SFT numbers provided in post #2 is the one you would like to vote for?
        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          SFT-3666, sorry


            Thanks for the clarification. I've added your vote to SFT-3666.
            Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service



              First off, I’m confused with SFT-3666.

              “The ability to plot absorption of imbalance and not just imbalance itself” for SFT-3666? Is this same as Unfinished Auction?

              Is there a page where you list all the SFTs with some description, number of votes and order of priority? I see for most of the requests there is a SFT and some standard language referring to release notes. It is not easy for us to check all these SFTs by sending an email or checking the release notes. At the minimum could you please provide the list with description for all SFTs in one location

              Now back to SFT-3666 --> If this is related to unfinished auction then highlighting in the volumetric bars will do no good. Because Price can re-visit this area anytime and it can happen in the next bar or 50 or 100 or more bars down the line and there is no way to go back and check. So, you need to have a line extended when this happens and after the price visits that area/price then it needs to be removed.

              There are bunch of 3rd party indicators and their value prop is don’t buy lifetime license for $1,099 instead just get free NT license with their indicator for $399 where they provide similar to Volumetric bars/ Order Flow / Footprint chart. But users like me who already paid lifetime license looking for basic capabilities like unfinished auction. I understand it will take years (This request is from 2017) for NT to implement features like this but in the meantime can you guys at least provide some example code so that we test it and provide feedback and at some point, in the near future you can implement this feature in the main product.



                Any update please?


                  There is no public tracking for feature requests. None of the feature requests discussed in this thread have been implemented. There is typically no update available about any SFT until it is implemented into the platform. At that point, you'll find a note regarding the change in the release notes.

                  Deciding on features for future releases is not a simple black and white decision. There are many factors involved including but not limited to:
                  • Demand which is measured by objective user requests and subjective discretion on the part of our Product Management team.
                  • Feasibility
                  • Developer bandwidth
                  • Current projects in the queue
                  • Economics
                  You'll find a note regarding your feature request in the release notes when a feature is implemented.
                  Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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