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    NT8Flix videos series

    New Ideas:

    It would also be great to start Ninjatrader 8 coding video series, NT8Flix. It's badly needed! if compliance agrees. A lot of users would benefit from it!
    Similar to Paul's video topics and more according to users suggestions.

    Here I shared BingaZingas series example:


    Other series example:
    Or/and series that cover in details the whole processes on building strategies (different strategies and enough strategies to cover all what's possible with NT8).

    And for indicators too — what's most illustrative of what's possible in NT8. So that users get a whole picture from the get go.
    Last edited by Cormick; 06-08-2021, 01:12 PM. Reason: added example and precision to the ideas

    Hello Cormick,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    For reasons related to compliance, some of your suggestions may not be a possibility. Anything that could be interpreted as crossing the line from demonstrating functionality into actually suggesting strategy and indicator ideas for users would not be possible. With that said, we do have an existing feature request for expanding our educational NinjaScript video library and I'd be happy to add your vote and specific notes to the request. The internal tracking number for your feature request is SFT-3168. Please reference this internal tracking number when contacting Platform Support if you ever have questions regarding this feature request.

    Please also keep in mind that we do have a very large body of existing written and video instruction of this topic available already.

    Here is a link to the NinjaTrader 8 Educational Resources section of the Help Guide to help you get started with NinjaScript:

    The best way to begin learning NinjaScript is to use the Strategy Builder. With the Strategy Builder you can set up conditions and variables and then see the generated code in the NinjaScript Editor by clicking the View Code button.

    I'm also providing a link to a pre-recorded video of 'Strategy Builder 301' for you to view at your own convenience.

    Strategy Builder 301 -

    When you are ready to work directly in NinjaScript you will be using the NinjaScript editor, here is a link to the Ninjascript 401 editor:

    NinjaScript Editor 401 -

    The entire Alphabetical Reference can be found with the following link:

    Below are links to Reference Samples online as well as some Tips and Tricks for both indicators and strategies. These samples can be downloaded, installed and modified from NinjaTrader and hopefully serve as a good base for your custom works.

    Click here to see our NinjaScript Reference Samples:

    Click here to see our NinjaScript Tips:

    Lastly, please remember that our Scripting Support team is here to assist you with any questions that you may have along the way. You may reach them via email at scriptingsupport(at)ninjatrader(dot)com.

    Please let us know if we may assist you any further in the future.
    Zachary S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Zachary,

      Thanks a lot for the great resources, especially the Samples Scripts and Alphabetical reference!
      Thanks a lot too for the feature request vote forwarding!

      Of course just meant as educational resources, not as trading advice or anything. With CFTC disclaimer it should not be interpreted as that latter purpose.
      The idea would be to deliver series of videos.
      For example 10 to 20 videos on debugging topics — that covers all the debugging aspects, choosing carefully 10 to 20 'dummy' strategies but each of very good illustrative value.
      With the central idea in mind that any user would be a master debugger at the end of the series (made aware of the ins and outs and all the special tricks and custom methods your great many experiences have to offer — so that the user has a huge head start from the get go by seeing exactly how the masters do it — no more guessing nor trial and errors on the basics for the user, plus the user get the bonus of having fro the start a full scope vision of what's possible though 10 - 20 different illustrative strategies (else it could be years before the user realizes this scope — I personally would have started tackling strategies much earlier last year had I found the strategy that follows example earlier — a central registry of all the videos and all the samples would surely help a lot!).
      Nothing beats seeing how it is done right from the masters from the get go — learn from the correct examples from start — removing all the unnecessary errors (the ones the masters don't make) — plus reasoning from how the masters do it as basis.
      Same idea for other topics.

      The best strategy example I've found so far:
      It would be a great add to the NinjaScript Reference Samples (though I'm not sure if the NT8 one is up to date (2015 script).

      Also, it would be of invaluable help to have all the sample codes shared by the Ninjatrader 8 team also added to NinjaScript Reference Samples.
      I would mean every code the team gave/ will gives as support to users questions centralized in the NinjaScript Reference Samples.

      That way we could simply browse the NinjaScript Reference Samples and pick one code per day and learn from it.
      It's always a training booster to learn from others' code and much more so from the NT8 team's codes.
      I've been made aware of so much by reading the NT8 team's code. Progress faster and better.

      Thanks again.

      Be well!


        Hi Zachary,

        After google browsing for them with:
        site: tinytake

        and extracting them with:

        Here are all the Tinytake videos links:
        Next I'll do the same with:
        What are the other sites where I can find the other videos?


          Hello Cormick,

          Thank you for your reply.

          Between our help guide and our Youtube channel links that I've previously included, I've provided all of the resources that I would be able to recommend. However, I am not a Scripting Support team member so they may have additional resources or suggestions for you. Since this thread is beginning to go beyond the scope of the original feature request, I would recommend starting a new thread in either our Indicator Development or Strategy Development forums so that one of our Scripting Support team members can provide any additional video recommendations they may have.
          Zachary S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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