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Backup instrument manager and other backup issues

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    Backup instrument manager and other backup issues

    Would it be possible to make the instrument manager a special item in the Backup?

    I reinstalled NT today to another PC and make a backup without the Database(Historical trade and chart data) as I did not need these data.

    When restoring I found out that the Instrument Manager list is apparently contained within the Database. Fortunately I still had the old machine, otherwise I would have needed to repeat the tedious task of adding instruments again.
    So pls. make the instrument manager separately selectable.

    Is there a way to get rid of all data, but keep the instrument manager?
    The backup can get really big.

    I would be very nice if under the Tools/Options/Data setting you could decide where to save the data files. I had to readjust my partitions to create more room on my 'my documents' drive. I use a separate partition to enable faster 'imaging' of my most important data.

    Maybe I missed it, but is there a listing somewhere where the different parts of NT are saved in the directory structure?

    Another issue is (maybe just my machine) that clicking in the backup screen after backup has started will freeze NT.... program unresponsive in the taskmanager.

    With respect to the instrument manager would it be possible to maintain on your website a downloadable master list with as many instruments as possible (e.g. including ETF's)?
    I could imagine that you arrange with the Brokers that they maintain their data in your master list. Then all instruments, with settings and commissions would be readily available without NT-users being required do that mind numbing work. I rather spend time with strategies etc.
    It would be in the Brokers own interest to keep your list filled with the right data. :-)

    You can create a backup file with only 'Database' enabled to save your instrument list. I will forward your suggestion to handle the Instrument Manager settings and data seperate to our development team and ask them if they can add this to the list of future considerations for the software.

    Yes, create a backup for only the database (you will save your trade history, saved chart data and ATM templates as well).

    Uninstall NinjaTrader via the Control Panel. Delete the My Documents-->NinjaTrader 6.5 folder.

    Clear your browser cache and re-install NinjaTrader. Once NinjaTrader is installed restore the database.

    I will forward this suggestion as well.

    Your settings and data are saved in the My Documents-->NinjaTrader 6.5 folder. Here you will find your chart templates, Market Analyzer templates, logs, traces, the database, etc.

    I suggest to not click your mouse while NinjaTrader is creating the backup file to avoid the freeze.

    Resetting your instruments will update your master instrument list with all instruments available by default. You can reset your instruments at Tools-->Options-->Misc-tab and click Reset Instruments.
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