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Searching this forum is a hassle

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    Searching this forum is a hassle

    Two things...

    1) Why isn't "3 bar reversal" accepted as a valid search argument. You REALLY need to fix this. Don't trash the search because "3" is not greater than three characters when there are two additional words in the argument.

    2) Why do I have to wait 30 seconds between searches when the previous search failed because of number one above.

    This forum has good content but can be such a hassle to search that I use Google rather than your search function. If the search functionality in this forum is so unsophisticated then why continue to use it?

    Loosen up guys!

    1) As like most search machine (including google) you should enclose search strings holding white space with double quotes. I just did and got a couple references on this board.
    2) The wait time is 20 seconds which is to prevent denial of service attacks from malicious intruders. This is in the best interest of this community and common practice for other popular (trading) boards as well.
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      Hmmm, okay. Try "3 bar reversal" in google without the quotes. I would never had thought to enter it any other way. But now I know better. Thanks.



        Copy and paste this entire next line into Google. Yes, including the link!!! 3 bar reversal

        Best way to find anything in NT.

        Have fun,

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          Duh of course, much better! Thanks.


            if you place quotes around web address, all the posts relating to NT move to the top

            "" 3 bar reversal


              Using the search technique described below...I had better results wth WebCrawler rather than Google...


              Or try AllPlus...even better...this is cluster search...a first class search engine...Did not use quotes on this one though...

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                A better way to search NT Forums ...(?)

                Using Google or AllPlus to search the NT Forums...perhaps try this technique...
                this seems to work pretty good...

                Start with this phrase in the Google Advanced Search bar as in the screen shot below...

                Then add a "+" sign before each particular thing you are searching's an example...
                (again, as in the screen shot below)

                This should work OK now...(revised a bit)...

                Ideally this should return pages that have all of those "+" requested items on them...

                Also...incidentally...if you middle click with the mouse scroll wheel on a search link, it will open in a new tab in IE8 and then you can easily get back to your initial search tab results if desired.

                AllPlus is a favorite search engine as results are clustered in areas of interest.

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                  An easy way to do repeat searches in the NT Forums..

                  Here is an easy way to do fairly accurate repeat searches in the Forums using Google......

                  In Google Advanced Search insert in the "this exact wording or phrase:" line this phrase:

                  Then do a search based on that. This will bring up a page with close to 12,000 links from the NT Forums. At the top of the page in the Google search box you will now see ""

                  Now save a link to this page in your browser. Then when you want to do a search in the forums, hit this saved link and add after the "" in the Google Search box at the top of the page, what you are looking for....for example...
                  "" +draw+tools+arrow

                  You may also use the minus sign (-) to exclude a term from a search.

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                    Playing around with searching the NT Forums here a bit more a few days ago...I put an odd key word (hippo22) an old post ...then searched using the Google technique described earlier below...Google could not find hippo22...but then, when using the regular forum search hippo22 popped up right away...

                    Using the "+" sign between terms in a search with the forum regular search seems to return good results...

                    My take...using Google is not as good as the regular forum searches...
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