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Output Window option "Always on Top"

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    Output Window option "Always on Top"


    Is it possible to have an user selectable option for the Output Window to be "Always on Top" so that can be placed on top of the chart ? It will be very handy when checking for problems with indicator/strategy building.

    Also, for the Data Box the reverse. Now is always on top. Can we have an option whether to be on top or not?


    Thanks for both of your suggestions astra! Have you checked the mini databox already? Just hold down the middle mouse button on the charts... http://www.ninjatrader-support.com/H...niDataBox.html
    BertrandNinjaTrader Customer Service


      There are a number of freeware tools out there that you can use to "pin" a window... I don't have any specific recommendations, but if you just google out there, you'll find plenty!


        Thanks heech.
        I found a freeware called DeskPins which is very small and easy to use and I am happy with it (just in case others are interested..)


          PowerMenu www.abstractpath.com/powermenu/ is another program to consider. It also allows you to increase the priority of NinjaTrader and your data provider programs higher than Normal applications. You can also set a Window's Transparency from 0 to 100 in increments of 10 and "Minimize to Tray".

          Two cautions when using programs like this one:

          1) Avoid covering the center of the monitor with an "Alway on Top" opaque window. If you do then you will not be able to see the confirmation windows that NT and other programs display. It just appears that programs have stopped responding. This is one of the cases that you want to adjust a Window's Transparency to see what is underneath it. And, use "Minimize to Tray" to quickly access the Window below it.

          2) I have found it best to only bump NT and eSignal to priority "Above Normal". When I tried the "Realtime" priority then the keyboard and mouse at times would become unresponsive for Windows Explorer and other Normal priority applications.

          "Minimize to Tray" is useful with NT when you want to minimize a Window whose Title is not unique, like NT Chart Windows for the same Instrument but having different Intervals. You just right click the Title and select "Minimize to Tray". To restore the Window you click the icon in the Tray.

          Have been using PowerMenu for almost 10 years on all my computers without any problems. It is not freeware but is worth a lot more than the $5 recommended donation.
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            Jim W. ,

            Thank you for your suggestion. I am now playing with PowerMenu and is much better from DeskPins because of the additional tool of transparency levels.

            I haven't tried it realtime yet, but I guess with the transparency tool you could place two instrument charts (say, YM and ES), one on top of the other, with the same timeframe, different chart styles and create a "nearly" multinstrument chart! Convenient until NT 7 comes.


            The only thing that is missing is that it doesn't draw the visual pin on top of the window like DeskPins and is sometimes confusing especially when you have few windows open to remember which window is the pinned one and which is not.



              Glad you like it. If you are playing around with transparency try:

              o no Desktop Background Wallpaper

              o Desktop Background Color of Black

              o NinjaTrader Chart Background Color of Black

              I have multi-monitor configuration and my Charts are on a monitor that has no Desktop Icons. The bar, lines, and text really stand out on a black background. My ophthalmologist recommends black computer background with white text to all her patients. Been using this color combination and it causes much less eye strain. By the way she says that white text on a blue background is one of the worst combinations. I read that Microsoft chose black text on a white background to simulate typed paper on the desktop, without any ergonomic consideration.

              Jim W.

              P.S. Printing charts with black background take a lot of ink. See my post

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