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MBT and NT connection needs to be fixed

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    MBT and NT connection needs to be fixed


    I bought NT because I was referred by my trading buddy and I really like your trading platform but you need to work on your connection issues with MBT.
    A consistent problem is during the night I will loose connection up to 3 times.
    This issue persists and you need to fix it.
    My trading buddy has mentioned the same issue and this is very unprofessional. If I am going to do a short swing play over the night session, NT can go down and when it comes back up, I can get stopped out immediately or have no stops in place etc.

    we are loosing connection not because of my internet provider because I use Verzion DSL for both my charting platform computer and another verzion DSL line for my trading platform NT and MBT.
    Using another verizon DSL line, on my trading platform: NT, consistently looses connection with MBT and it is YOUR connection with MBT that needs to be improved. I have a MBT forex account and NEED to be able to stay in a swing play.

    I really like NT but you absolutely need to work on your connection with MBT. If I had known this was going to be a problem, it would have definately influenced my decision in purchasing NT.

    Another problem that has been coming up is:
    day trading, I will be in a trade and I might get only a partical fill.
    All my contracts got stopped out but I still have a partical fill trading without a stop or target? SO I hit flat and it doesn't exit me out of the remain trade but puts me into another trade. This costs me money and trade fees. When I mentioned it to my trading partner, he mentioned that has been happening to him and others. IT is very unprofessional and you need to fix the above problems.

    Very concerned and frustrated,
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    Hello Rachel,

    Unfortunately NinjaTrader does not dictate when a connection is lost. It operates like a radio receiver in that it receives a signal from your broker and then displays/reports these signals back to you the trader. When a connection is lost, it is the broker's API that determines this and reports this to NinjaTrader which in turn reports this back to the trader.

    The common problems that contribute to this are:

    - ISP issues

    - hardware firewall issues changing IP addresses frequently

    - Dynamic ISP address switching the address frequently intraday. Usually this happens once a week but you may want to check with your ISP. If they do change daily, a static IP address may work.

    - With Windows XP SP2, if you have more than 10 open TCPIP socket connections open (10 programs making connections through the internet) windows will randomly shut down some connections

    - Broker servers having problems

    I suspect the disconnection you experience is related to the server reset at MBTrading. Unfortunately this will cause a disconnection as well. I suggest to contact MBTrading and check what time they reset the servers and check if it resembles the time of the disconnection on your end.

    As per the second issue, I am not sure if I follow. Could it be you had an ATM order larger than your position working. When this ATM order executed, it put you in a reverse position.
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      MBT disconnections and sometimes rubbish data

      has anyone found a solution for problems with mbt. Their customer service is nonexistent regarding the sometimes inability to reconnect after a disconnection .I have 2 computors connected to live a/c's with mbt. when a disconnection occurs (too damn frequently) often one will reconnect and the other won't. mbt's trade desk(an international call for me) can do nothing but " refer the matter to management tomorrow during their office hours" ( they never have, they like to hide behind Emails)
      When this occurs ninja's"control centre" executions goes beserk,recording ,when this happened tonight australian time, 32 trades all at
      7:58:29pm appeared, yes 32, on "executions"
      This morning, my charts (4 of) all recorded candlestick gibberish,many candles all on the same horizontal line (I use range bars) , at the completion of the gibberish "control center executions"recorded 15 + trades all at 7:05:29 am
      Thankfully these trades did not appear on my mbt a/c
      My trades during the day between these 2 disturbing events (approx 6) have disappeared from "executions"
      I would love to use ninja for all my trading (I use dukascopy for serious
      trading} but difficulties like these make it impossible
      I suspect the problems revolve around mbt but I do not understand why
      "executions" goes beserk.
      To sum up, are there solutions for
      1. reconnection after disconnection without having to reconnect ninja
      2. inability of executions to be recorded accurately
      3 rubbish data on charts
      A suggestion if I may:-
      an expansion of the number of forex brokers able to use ninja ( seriously
      competitive ones,not half hearted,heads in the sand ones like mbt,ib and
      You have a tremendous platform with great partners like mirus/zenfire which can only get better with version 7 but the growing number of serious forex traders must feel as I do. We need troublefree, competitive
      peter hughes


        Hello Peter,

        I suspect the executions that appeared on re-connect were not processed prior; upon re-connection the executions that could not be loaded prior, are loaded.

        1. Unfortunately you will need to restart NinjaTrader in order to re-connect to a MBTrading connection.

        2. Unfortunately this can occur.

        3. NinjaTrader acts like a radio receiver in that we display data as it is provided.

        I will forward your suggestion to add more supported forex brokers to my superiors.

        Thank you for your feedback.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          I've had MBTrading Forex connection fail the last two morning at 5 am CST. My PC for my NT live acct is colocated with a very dependable up time and internet connection. My PC for running in simulated mode is in my home. Both PCs lost the MBT connection at the same time. I contacted MBT and they said the only time they reset their servers are in the evening at 1658 (EST). They also thought that NT is responsible for the software that retries to connect again to MBT. This is the part that seems to be failing as it freezes up and quits retrying to reconnect. Any ideas? MBT swears that nothing has changed on their end.


            Hello tradervick,

            I am not sure why you experienced the disconnection. Unfortunately NinjaTrader does not dictate when a connection is lost, see post # 2.

            NinjaTrader will try to re-connect automatically for approximately 2 minutes. If a connection could not be established, you will need to restart NinjaTrader and manually connect to MBTrading again.
            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


              So NT only retries to reconnect to MBT for only two minutes?


                Hello tradervick,

                Thank you for your reply.

                Yes, that is correct. After that 2 minutes, you would need to restart NinjaTrader and attempt to reconnect manually.
                KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


                  That's a good thing to know. Thanks for confirming.


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