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Wizard Mode - Quick Start Option

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    Wizard Mode - Quick Start Option

    Hi again folks,

    Just had another thought which maybe not so much for me, but rather something that came to mind that would be potentially Very Helpful for new users to Ninja.

    This feature request would be called Wizard Mode.

    What wizzard mode should do is that once a user has installed NT as per usual rather than having to work alot of stuff out, they can click on Wizard Mode.

    This should in turn create a process that should give users a 4 step simple setup to kick off their trading preferences and get them up and running with less fuss or hindrance IMO.

    Now to explain further, what should happen is the user click wizard mode from the File menu which then brings up a dialog box saying the follow:

    Step 1:
    Choose Broker, Then select what type of instruments would you like to add to the instrument manager
    A: Stocks
    B: Futures
    C: Commodities etc etc

    ie: If A: is selected then which Exchange and Session (session template) these stocks located in?
    Australia (ASX)? US (nasdaq)? etc etc

    Step 2:

    How many charts would you like to represent 1 stock (instrument).
    A: 1 Chart of 1 daily chart
    B: 2 Charts 1 daily, 1 5 minute chart
    C: 3 Charts, 1 Hourly, 1 15min, 1 1minute chart
    (or the user can choose from a selection boxes provided)

    Step 3:
    What indicators/oscillators would you like to charts to default to:
    A: 2 EMA with values of 10 and 50 or ZeroLag etc etc
    B: MACD
    C: RSI or CCI etc etc

    Step 4:
    Import or add a set of Symbols for import or choose to manually add/create a list

    A: Import from local HDD
    B: Import from your brokers API or list
    C: Manually Add and Group or Create Container (see my other post..lol).


    Now that should enable your average user or new user to do a great deal quite quickly, plus it will enable or streamline a bunch of processes for users be it new or experienced.

    Also, if Ninja can collaborate with Exchanges around the world and have Pre-coded symbols for users to just select an exchange and the user can just type the code in and the correct Symbol or Contract come up, then this will be a Hit feature for the program and its new users.

    Just more food for thought or another way of viewing the use of the program.

    If you readers out there enjoy this thought or option request then click the Star Rating button on the page where you see this, Or sound off to add your additions to the Wizard Mode request.

    Cheers folks

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have added it to our feedback list.
    Josh P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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