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Interface consistency

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    Interface consistency

    Folks ... some interface areas could use some consistency.

    The one that trips me up constantly is the use of "click-drag" usage on drawing objects and moving chart trader stops and limit orders.

    Some use click and hold moves i.e. "clickdown-move-clickup" and others use "click-move-click" again to move endpoints or move a line.

    The line (F2) is one of the worst offenders; it uses one method when you add it and the other to move it.

    I have also inadvertently moved a price level and even exited trades because a price line "stuck" to my cursor and when I clicked to let go the price was in the wrong place causing an immediate exit. If I was trading live I would have been _really_really_ ticked about it.

    Pls pick one or the other and apply it consistently.

    A lesser issue, is the use of colors. To be a little blunt it looks like a class of kindergarden kids went crazy with a big box of crayola crayons in use of colours. Something to consider in a future update.

    Thanks. --MC.


    First you will want to select any drawing objects that you believe might interfere with order placement/modification & check the ‘Lock’ option. This will make them immovable.

    When you mention colors, please clarify if you are referring to the order flags used in the Chart Trader feature. If so then these color configurations are customizable. If you right-click on the Chart Trader feature & select “Chart Trader Properties” then you will see the options to change these.

    Here is this section in the NinjaTrader 7 Help Guide:

    If this is not what you were discussing then I will look for your clarification.

    Thank you,
    ChipNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Chip ... locking objects isn't the issue. I add and remove lines of various kinds constantly to avoid too much clutter and reset them as the market price moves about and patterns change or set-up.

      The issue is the method to move lines or line end-points.

      Try draw a line (F2). Think about the mouse clicks to add and set the end-points where you want them. Then move the end-points; again, think about the mouse clicks you used. See the difference?

      This might seem trivial, but its not. When I trade I'm not thinking, nor should have to think about, whether I click-move-click or clickdown-move-clickup. I am focused on the trade and just want to move the line. This issue is getting the way.

      As for colours, if out of the box I select several drawing objects, add chart trader stops / limits, add studies etc I end up with a colour rainbow on the screen. My suggestion is simply to apply some consistency and use less of your colour pallette in your default colour selection.

      Thanks. --MC.


        Hello MC,

        Thank you for outlining this for us.

        I do understand what you're referring to and will forward your comments here on to development for further consideration. We do appreciate the feedback.
        KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


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