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NT Brokerage Webinar

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    NT Brokerage Webinar


    Why is it that you have to go to BMT to get information about a webinar you are hosting concerning the Mirrus acquisition?

    There are a lot of NT Users who have no interest in BMT including myself (not a fan of the lawsuit).

    Hello TAJTrades,

    We sent out notices of this event via email, in product announcement, and it was discussed in this forum as well. While I am not sure why you did not see any of those messages, I am sorry that they did not reach you. With that said, you are free to view it at that time and let us know if you have any additional questions by sending a note to brokeragesupport[at]ninjatrader[dot]com
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    James G.NinjaTrader VP of Customer Service


      NinjaTrader Brokerage

      Just want to say that I like the idea of NinjaTrader Brokerage and the outstanding and clear commission/fee structure. I'm hoping that the Ninja commitment to customer service will spill over into the brokerage.

      That being said, I hope that NT Brokerage will eliminate Mirus' minimum of 5 round turns per month or else incur an "inactivity fee" of $25 per month. That was just one of the first signs of Mirus' decline and their management's real attitude towards their clients. I sometimes am on vacation or spending a good part of the month working on indicators, programming, etc. but want to keep fresh and see how strategies/indicators are working. I might log on but not place 5 RT's some months but place considerably more in other months. I don't want to have that 5 RT requirement lurking in my brain. It does place a subconciious "need to trade" lurking in the brain and trading decisions should be made without that. I resented it and it is one of the reasons that I left Mirus - that and the Zen-Fire fiasco. Trading requires a lot of focus. That requirement is a vestige of poor Mirus management decisions.

      Plus, a lot of us have posted on this forum in the past indicators, strategies, and (hopefully) other helpful comments. We do this for free. Don't nick us with these onerous "inactivity fees" that are a throwback to bad Mirus management.

      Also, I would like to see Eliot Wickersheimer exit ASAP. He never did "own up" and take responsibility for Mirus' egregious failings to their clients.

      Anyway, please get rid of the "inactivity fees". (and Eliot)

      FYI - I have contacted brokerage support about this and they are courteous but still sound like Mirus and their insistence on the "inactivity fees". Still work to do.
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        Hello Highler,

        Thank you for your post.

        NinjaTrader brokerage has changed the inactivity fee policy and details can be publicly be found at the following link: http://www.ninjatraderbrokerage.com/...s/account_fees

        I kindly ask that you route any other NinjaTrader Brokerage questions directly to brokeragesupport[at]ninjatrader[dot]com
        James G.NinjaTrader VP of Customer Service


          Hello James.

          That is essentially a "no change" in Mirus policy except for an apparent reduction to one trade. In response to you, I kindly request that you read my whole posting. I said that that I had already contacted the brokerage. The commissions are an improvement but I am not coming back if NT is continuing the Mirus attitudes. The nice thing about this forum is that it is open to everyone's participation and open communication and suggestions. If you want to squelch it, then fine - I can find other things to do. I haven't found the brokerage too much help to this point. I thought that NT might be interested in suggestions to make them even better, but apparently not. Emails back and forth with the brokerage have not been very encouraging. I have given them and NT valid reasons for my suggestion and you/they just want to quash it.

          Also, the amount that NT Brokerage will make from a person making one trade to avoid the monthly inactivity fee is miniscule. Just dump it.

          I am going to be taking an extended vacation later this year and intend to login from a wireless laptop to see how things are going but I won't trade because of wireless and vacation distractions. I'm not going to pay $25 dollars in that situation.
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            Hello Higler,

            I understand your concerns completely, and I am sorry that you view the change in such a manner; I think a reduction in the round turns from 5 to 1 is a huge improvement.

            I absolutely do not want to squelch anyone on this forum, but I will maintain compliance concerns set fourth upon by the NFA to keep this Support Forum to topics of support and not brokerage services. (It is just something that comes with offering brokerage services) With that said users may absolutely post any concerns or questions here, but we can only comment on support items directly and in some cases can provide links to public information pertaining to those brokerage questions, anything else will have to be addressed by the brokerage team.

            Post away, but we will post within the guidelines set fourth upon us.
            James G.NinjaTrader VP of Customer Service


              What's the old saying, "its a matter of principle". Also of perception.

              I cannot see NT Brokerage gaining very much by trying to encourage 1 RT per month. I also don't want to put you in a position to violate rules and regs. This and my previous posts are my recommendations and I will leave it at that.

              Anyway, thank you.


                Hello higler,

                Thank you for your understanding and your suggestions. What I can say is that the NinjaTrader Brokerage is new and the future is bright; we will absolutely be revisiting all of our offerings on a regular basis as it has always been NinjaTrader's goal to offer the best possible products and services to our clients.
                James G.NinjaTrader VP of Customer Service


                  For new NT clients and old NT clients wanting to switch brokers who offers rithmic connection with NT? It looks like only one which is AMP and they highlight CQG connection.

                  If this is all really stinks for rithmic users as it looks like NT is trying to force everyone to one data feed in CQG. Please clarify.


                    Hello faith4me,

                    RIthmic is still available to new customers and will be available to grandfathered customers so long as there is a brokerage which supports it with NinjaTrader. You will have to contact the broker you wish to use to see if they are offering Rithmic.

                    We are currently working with Rithmic to see if a deal may be reached to offer Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage as well, so we certainly do not want to limit customers to Continuum (CQG based technology). Our CEO Ray hopes to make this happen in the near future and it will absolutely be announced if we are able to offer it.
                    James G.NinjaTrader VP of Customer Service


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