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Should Label be saved in an indicator's default?

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    Should Label be saved in an indicator's default?

    When I create a Custom indicator, I place it on a chart, and then set all of the indicators properties the way that I want them.

    At that point I can save the configuration in the preset.

    If I then put that same indicator on a different chart, the all settings come from that indicator's saved preset. file.

    I notice that the Label setting is not saved in the preset. Is this by design? Is this a oversight?

    I would like to see the Label setting be saved in the indicator's presets. I feel the Label should appear with the setting that I gave it before I told the system to save the default configuration. This really comes into play when I set the Label value to blank. I don't want Indicators and their settings to use the limited real estate of the chart if I tell it not to put them on there. Especiallly true on smaler "laptop" screens.

    Can it be changed so that if Label is set to blank when I save the default configuration it will be saved as blank in the indicator's presets.

    I feel it should be implemented such that: The next time that I choose to save the default configuration the system can display the default the Label and I can leave it with the indicators default name or I can make it blank again before I save the default settings..
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    Hello seefisch,
    Thanks for your post.
    I have tested this on my end and it works without issue. I can save the default of the ADX indicator with a custom name such as ADX1 or leave it blank. If I then save the settings for it and apply it to a new chart, the label settings are kept.
    Are you doing this with a custom indicator?
    Do you see any errors in the Log tab of the Control Center after doing this?
    BrandonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Brandon

      Yes I am doing this with a Custom indicator.

      No there are no erros in the log.

      Are you taking the indicator off of the chart? and then changing to a different instrument, and then putting the Custom indicator back on. I'll develop a set of steps for you to try when I get a chance.

      Upon further study I have decided to wait and see what the next release of Beta looks like. There are so many problems with saving defaults the hopefully a fix will just happen when some of the save defaults problems are fixed.
      Last edited by seefisch; 01-11-2016, 10:49 AM.


        Hello Seefisch,
        Thanks for your reply.
        If you use the ADX does it properly function?
        BrandonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Label preset save does not save user's selection.

          I have the beta version installed.

          I still think the problem I wanted addressed exists.

          I create a Custom indicator
          I clear the Label to [empty}
          I set the rest of the setting to be the default settings {that I want} and then "Save" Preset

          Now I (for instance) create a new chart.

          When I apply my custom indicator, on the new chart, the problem I am complaining about is there.

          I saved the label as {blank} but yet it appears on the chart eating up my monitor's limited real estate.

          I would like to see:.

          Put a checkbox in Visuals -- "Show Label"

          The default should be unchecked because, in my opinion, most of the time a user does not want {nor need} the indicator and it's parameters to be listed {in text} on the chart.

          Last edited by seefisch; 01-16-2016, 04:30 AM.


            Hello seefisch,

            You could simply remove the labels of your indicators and strategies in the script settings.

            Right click on your chart > Indicators/strategies > For each of the
            indicators/strategies you want to remove the label for, select the indicator/strategies > Find the option 'Label' and clear any text so that the label is blank and Click OK.
            Shawn B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Thanks I see it now. I like the design. No changes needed.


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