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Suggestion for NT9 roll out.

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    Suggestion for NT9 roll out.

    Whenever NT start building NT9, can someone please bring up in the pre planning stages to build NT9 in such a way so that it can coexist fully independent of the previous version on the same computer so that user are able to beta test the new version AND still be able to use the previous version to actually trade until such time that the new one has been fully beta tested and released.

    This either/or approach is a disservice to customers if it is at all possible to build a solution to address it from the beginning.

    Other platforms have the ability to run clones of the same platform on the same machine without corrupting each other or crashing, surely this is not an impossible feat to achieve when phasing in a new build version of NT in the future.

    You can run NinjaTrader 8 and NinjaTrader 7 simultaneously. It is possible that limitations may exist with the brokerage technology or market data provider that prohibits multiple simultaneous logons however, that is not a limitation of the NinjaTrader platform.
    RayNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Originally posted by NinjaTrader_Ray View Post
      You can run NinjaTrader 8 and NinjaTrader 7 simultaneously. It is possible that limitations may exist with the brokerage technology or market data provider that prohibits multiple simultaneous logons however, that is not a limitation of the NinjaTrader platform.

      Hi Ray, I'm certainly not a programmer and I'm talking from very little experience but are you saying that as of now, I can run NT7 and NT8 simultaneously on the same machine, using 3rd party indicators on workspace setups and that there will be zero corruptions, crashes or conflicts caused by having both NT7 and NT8 running at the same time?

      I have a NT multi-broker license, 2 separate data connections through my broker and IQ feed data. I currently only connect NT to IQ feed and use the broker data feed for another platform to execute since having so many issues with NT7 last year.

      I'm currently running NT8 and I'm having MAJOR issues with it constantly crashing. I have posted on the forum, talked to NT support who have told me NT8 is mostly stable and I should not be having so much problems and of course the infamous "your issue can't be replicated" (aka your on your own unless your a programmer who can dig deep enough to find the cause yourself and then lay out the steps for us to replicate it..... Which I get but it does not make it any less frustrating)

      In my ongoing quest to find possible solutions to this repeating issues, I came across something that a 3rd party provider mentioned in passing clearly stating that NT8 is stable for the most part and does not crash that often BUT only when NT7 has been completely and thoroughly deleted from the computer that NT8 is being used on.
      If it has not been, glitches start building up and it eventually leads to crashes. By fully deleting NT7 from the system, it removes underlying conflicts and NT8 then runs more stable.

      I have not tried this yet but will this weekend. If it turns out to address the crashing that I have been experiencing, that would indicate that NT7 and NT8 can not be run stable together on the same computer, would you agree?

      NT is the market leader in its space BECAUSE of its universe of 3rd party add on's. Its the reason myself and others happily part with the $1000 purchase price because of the versatility of the platform. If it then turns out it will only run stable NT7 and NT8 together as long as it only has the inbuilt SMA indicator applied to charts, it suddenly becomes no different then all the other average platforms that can be found that do the exact same thing.

      I went through 8+mths of NT7 crashing, freezing and generally being useless whenever volume hit the market. Contacted NT support repeatedly and was always told the same thing- Its either your ISP, your computer, your connection from the house - anything but NT. Repeatedly contacted techs at ISP, repeatedly got ISP techs to test network and my connection, got tech out to house and physically tested connection, got a computer tech to check the 8-core 4.72GHz, 32GB ram, ssd computer that NT7 runs on.
      Everything always tested fine.
      I even resorted in the end to getting another paid platform to test everything out. It ran on the same computer, same internet connection, same data and it never missed a tick even when loaded up tracking 15 different instruments and countless charts loaded with indicators at the exact same time NT7 was connected freezing and jumping around with 3 ES charts.

      Ended up talking to someone on a different forum one day and they said its caused by NT7 being single core (was told NT is fully aware of this but its never admitted publicly as being a major problem when these issues start popping up for users) and NT7 gets corrupted in a workspace, chart, template or something else and it just keeps compounding the single core bottle neck issue until it just freezes solid (my best time was 3hrs before I force shut it down). Anyway, this person said to delete everything, don't import any old workspace, chart, templates or anything else and rebuild everything from nothing. And whenever NT7 got to bad again, do the same thing again... and it made a major improvement. Certainly a lot easier then spending the 100's of $ chasing ghosts and all the frustration of not knowing what the cause was.

      I'm already a paid customer, I'm not leaving NT. I've invested heavily in NT 3rd party applications that can only be found on NT for now. If there are known issues that can't be addressed right now, all I'm after is a straight answer so I can adapt my approach to find a quick solution, not months of stumbling blindly.

      Currently, NT8 is constantly crashing. 3rd party application providers have addressed my questions in relation to their programming and its not happening across their user base, NT support tell me its not NT8, just as always.

      I made the suggestion RE: NT9 because it certainly does not seem to be the real world case at this time with NT7/NT8. But I'm certainly no programmer, just a simple user trying to get it to actually work in the way its claimed to.


        NinjaTrader 7 and 8 operate independently. Having NinjaTrader 7 installed or not, has absolutely no effect on the operation of NinjaTrader 8. The only exception are limitations imposed by brokerage or market data providers that do not allow simultaneous logons from a single account.
        RayNinjaTrader Customer Service


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