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Account Info and Instrument Search

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    Account Info and Instrument Search

    Periodically looked at NT8 during beta period but didn't spend much time on it. Now that it is in release, decided to look at it a little closer.
    First setup was the account connection. Like NT7, which required no more that entering the user name and password in the account connection NT8 connects to my CQG feed (green dot lower left, log confirms account connected) but only shows the SIM, not the live account. Right click shows 'add account' greyed out, Properties-Control Center-Accounts, Filter by Account = All. How do I enable seeing the live account info in NT8 Accounts.

    When clicking on 'add' an instrument in Instrument Lists, the user is first presented with a search feature. After entering all or part of the first letters of the instrument to be searched, the user is presented with the full Instrument List and no limiting search took place. Either the extra non functioning search step needs to be removed or it needs to actually search.

    Hello florida99,

    Thank you for your post.

    1) The ability to trade live will be based on your license key for the NinjaTrader platform. Can you please send an email with your license key to platformsales[AT]ninjatrader[DOT]com? You can access the license key from the NinjaTrader Control Center > Help > License Key...

    Can you also clarify which broker/clearing firm is providing you with the CQG data feed for the NinjaTrader platform? Have you used NinjaTrader for live trading in the past?

    2) Which instruments are you trying to add the list?

    You can find specific information about managing instrument lists within NinjaTrader 8 at the following link:
    We look forward to assisting you further.
    Christopher D.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank you for the reply. Even though the live license key was used to download and install NT8, looks like the license key defaulted to a SIM license. After changing the license key it now shows the live account.

      In reply to the second question, any instrument when trying to 'add' to Instruments List. Just tried 'add', selected Futures on left, add on right, got search, typed CL, enter, then full instrument list displayed. See attached
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        Hello florida99,

        Thanks for posting.

        As a security measure NinjaTrader 8 may ask you to reenter your login credentials and live license key. All you need to do is copy and paste your license key under Help >License Key and restart NinjaTrader for the change to be applied.

        To add an instrument to a list you will also need to set the expiry and then press Enter. The CL is currently on the 01-17 contract. Clicking the magnifying glass icon located to the right of the search bar will open the instrument search window.

        Once added, your lists will be available to view in the instrument drop down menu located on the upper left hand corner of your chart.

        Please let us know if we may be of further assistance to you.
        ArceliaNinjaTrader Customer Service


          My point is, why not just open the instrument search window when 'add' is clicked since the software is eventually going there anyway.. The search bar / magnifying glass doesn't serve a purpose other than an extra step to open the list.
          p.s. Sounds like there was some extra lines of code left over from Vista, might as well go ahead and do the full Vista monty to the magnifying glass, "Are you sure you want to add an instrument?"
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            Hello florida99,

            If you already know the symbol and expiry you would like to view you may just start typing and press Enter on your keyboard to automatically add to an instrument list. This could be a shortcut where you would not need to select the 'add' button and would bypass the instrument search.

            However, by clicking the add button, typing your desired instrument, and pressing Enter on your keyboard, your instrument should automatically be added to the selected list. The instrument search should only pop up if you click on the magnifying glass icon.

            If this is not the case, you may write into platform support so we can investigate further. You may do this through the Control Center >Help >Email support. Ensure 'Log and Trace' files are included, it should be checked by default.

            Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.
            ArceliaNinjaTrader Customer Service


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