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Windows7 was running out of space- w/ solution

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    Windows7 was running out of space- w/ solution

    Have that feeling that you are always running out of C:\ with windows 7/8? Read On!

    I've been running NT7 live for a couple years now on a laptop as my live machine. No other software other than NT7/8/ToS/Firefox/Silverlight/latest updates/etc. Just pure trading machines.

    I'd have a backup file or 2 of NT7, 20GB each of replay on c:\ (256GB total, 128x2 raid 0).

    I'd import new data with this laptop into NT8, clean up the data, and save off my newly converted NT8 data, etc. Delete the NT8 files etc.

    Started running out of space here and there. No longer stored backup files on c:\.
    Moved everything to d:\. Something felt wrong, NT7 backup file is now 31GB, so figure NT7 + Windows has to be 100GB total on machine, where is it all going?.

    Recently ran NT8 and NT7 side by side. Started running out of space again. Moved NT8 replay folder to D:\.

    Started running out of more space. pagefile was in use. Moved that to d:\ (16GB).
    Hiberfil.sys was 12GB, left that on C:\. (for hibernation which I don't do on this machine,there are ways to cut this file in half).

    Had 16GB left a couple weeks ago. Ran WinDirStat program that was recommended here https://windirstat.net/ . I had to run as administrator to access folders that were admin only. Found 100 GB in use in windows\temp. What the heck!? (See attachments).

    I googled it up the files and hopefully have found a solution at Woodies.

    Let it go for a couple more weeks - down to 6GB, 4GB after latest MS patch install today.

    I followed the instructions at Woodies and so far have reclaimed 117GB!!!

    Not sure if this will come back at some point, but I will know to keep an eye on it.


    My trusted installer was already stopped - will keep an eye on this and see if they start coming back at a mad pace or something manageable.

    Now I need to check my other Win7 machines.

    I hope this helps out someone else out there, I didn't know where else to put this post.

    And wow - just checked out 2 of my other Win7 (same model) laptops - one has 40GB and the other has 80GB in c:\windows\temp. I suspected I was losing space on these. My 4th windows7 box looks clean (recent reinstall back in January which took a month to download all updates).
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