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edgeliner 02-14-2012 01:53 PM

Will not load even after re-install?
I have been running N7 for a long time, but recently, when I tried to load it, it just stopped on the screen "Loading account list" and would not go any farther. I tried repairing it and had no luck, so finally uninstalled it and re-installed it! It still stops on that screen and will not load????

NinjaTrader_Matthew 02-14-2012 02:01 PM


In order for me to help determine why this is occurring, I will need to review your log and trace files from the last date that this occurred.

Please send an email to support[at]ninjatrader[dot]com and include your most recent log and trace files, Attn: Matthew in the Subject line and a reference to this thread.

You will find the log file in the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Log folder.
  • The log file will be named ‘log.20120214.txt’
You will find the trace file in the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Trace folder.
  • The trace file will be named ‘trace.20120214.txt’
Please attach both of these files to your next response. If these files are over 4MB, please let me know and I can respond with alternative instructions.

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